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  1. The police told me I absolutely have to get on a dmp for the rest of my debts ASAP or the if it goes to court (which this obviously will) the fact that I have other debts will look bad on me :S I plan on getting proper help for my addiction. will be ringing the gamcare numebr they gave me plus speaking to my doc to see if he can reccomend anything. I have been addicted to gambling since I was 15, I am now nearly 30. Its ridiculous. I keep putting it off thinking I can just stop, but this whole situation has made me realise I can't do it on my own
  2. They will see how bad my gambling addiction is when they see my bank statements. .I have also self barred from all the local slots places here last month. They gave me the number for gamcare. Apparently I need to register with a DMP too to sort out my other debts. I am on no end of painkillers and such, along with sertraline which the police seemed rather interested in. Tbh the sertraline does tend to affect me weirdly but I never mentioned to the doc as it DOES help with the PND and I am worried if they start messing around with different antidep
  3. Hi. I have heard good things about this forum and a friend of mine advised me to sign up to seek a bit of advice about my situation. I may waffle on a bit in this post and some things may seem irrelevant but its just because I'm trying to cover everything I have just been through in my police interview :/ At 8.30am I was knocked out of bed and promptly arrested/ I knew what it was all about and cooperated fully, even offering up my online bank details as I don't keep paper statements. Going back to January, I was in a right mess. I had had money stolen from me, I
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