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  1. Thanks for your replies both! At least it helps ease my worry a little. I'm also guessing they have dropped the case, but I think it's really poor practice that they have not sent me a letter or any form of communication telling me this...they also haven't sent me a letter saying anything about whether I still owe it, or if they have decided to file a court order against me...basically nothing in 7 months...very odd!
  2. Hello there, I hope you lovely people can help and offer some advice... I received an 'unpaid fare notice' from First Great Western exactly 7 months ago because I didn't have my young persons rail card with me (it was stolen on the train). They treated me badly and the experience was very distressing (lady made me cry), I disputed the notice within the 10 days given, and sent a long letter as well as all my original documents to their address (tickets, notice, etc.), asking to be pardoned from the fine due to the bad treatment and the fact that the fine was too large and unreasonable for the situation (there was theft involved, and the treatment was bad). The problem that I have is that they have not been in touch, I have not received any letters, and they have not even informed me that they received my letter (it was sent via recorded delivery). Unfortunately (stupidly) I didn't scan anything and I have lost the letter I wrote as it was so long ago. I only have proof of ticket purchase on email. What should I do? Can they prosecute me later, even though I had no warning or letters? Is they haven't done anything within 6 months, doesn't that legally mean that time has expired for them to prosecute? It was all sent to a Reading address that was on the notice. I wish that they would have at least sent a letter in response, saying something to put my mind at ease. Thank you very much
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