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  1. Thank you , we'll see what they have to say tomorrow . We didn't buy it from them through Amazon mind you , just read the customer comments on there .
  2. Thank you for posting those T&Cs . They're a bit confusing and not in logical sequence , but I read it as the 14 day thing applies only if the packaging is damaged on arrival, but for faulty goods they will make arrangements to collect it ? but as you say the last bit throws that into doubt ? and what does (subject to manufacturers warranty) mean in that context ? I don't however see why I should have to wait until they get the goods back to them before I am refunded it's had an engineer to it twice , what if they say there's nothing wrong with it ? it has stayed alight for up to half an hour before going off usually less . It's the bits about returning it in it's original packaging that concerns me ? We haven't got it, or does that just apply to if you change your mind ? I can't return it in a saleable condition when as far as I can see it's faulty .
  3. I see what you are saying and agree it's just letters take a lot of time and we been without the cooker for a while now . From the good advice I've been given it seems as though all they should be saying is that they'll refund what I want ie the oven money and fitting and acting upon that ? I take it you have to inform someone you are recording a call ? Does email suffice as a letter ?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, It came from Ship It Appliances who actually get predominantly good feedback on customer reviews on the likes of amazon etc and they have said they WILL refund the money for the cooker but possibly not the fitting/removal it's just all the delays I'm contacting the manufacturer / my manager etc. I feel we've been patient and given them enough time to put this right in the way of repairs I also told them if the repair was not effective we'd be after a refund . Hopefully they will sort it out tomorrow when I call them and redeem themselves . I just wanted to find out where I stood as the trading standards etc are closed at weekend , although the sale of goods act seems clear enough .
  5. We bought a gas oven before Christmas which goes out after about 15 mins or so It hasn't worked correctly since it was installed . We've informed the retailer, and the manufacturer has sent an engineer twice and replaced parts under the warranty and it still goes out. We fitted the oven at our cost which was fair enough and paid for the cooker by debit card . We have rejected the appliance as unfit for purpose , the engineer they sent says there's nothing more he can do with it. the retailer has said they will refund us as neither they, nor the manufacturer can supply us with another alternative replacement (why would we want the same one again after new parts have failed to solve the issue). We've phoned them several times and feel we are being stalled and held to ransom with delay tactics . They keep trying to involve the manufacturer , but our contract is with the retailer and we've told them this . When I ring them back tomorrow I think I may be told to have the thing uninstalled and shipped back to them before I get refunded ... more delays . We've had no cooker since before christmas and don't have a microwave having to use other peoples ovens when needed. My question . I have told them we want the installation charge reimbursed . Am I correct to do this? they say their terms and conditions say they don't have to do that . if that's so you could spend as much on fitting and removal as on the oven if this is a retailers policy and you were unlucky enough to get another dud appliance and who should pay the return shipping cost ? I believe the sale of goods act says they should if it's faulty ? The problem . They have my £400, I own a faulty oven which is no use and paid a gas fitter to install. They seem to be holding the cards. This is why I think they seem in no hurry to sort this any time soon. It's taking up too much of our time now and is becoming stressful . Not to mention being without an oven since before christmas and spoiled food because the oven has gone out before it's cooked !
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