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  1. Thank you both for your replies. It is 14 days today from the date my claim was issued so I will wait to see if anything has arrived (may wait a few days for postal service though). It's the first time I've filed a claim so I'm a bit apprehensive about it since I've read documents need to be filled in accurately; however thank you both for reassuring me that for this particular query, it should not matter as the individual has been named correctly.
  2. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can offer advice on an open small claims I have currently against a sole trader. The defendant has not filed a defence on a small claims issued against them even though it has nearly been 14 days. It has surprised me as they were so adamant they were right during our dispute. It has led me to think that perhaps I have not filled out the claim form correctly with the trading name possibly being incorrect. From their website they have a few different names listed, one for correspondence and one for their retail shop. There is also a third name which just app
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