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  1. Hello it's a reasonable question. No definitely not, no smoking. If people smoke they are knowingly breaking rules because the car clearly had no smoking signs in it so that may be a reasonable cost but definitely not in my case. I have a dog so there was some dog hair, we were on holiday in Somerset and had kids in the car with muddy feet and our feet from walking so there was some dirt brought into the car around the foot-wells - but nothing extraordinary, just the results of regular family car use. I accept the car was not clean when I returned it - I just didn't know it had to be or I'd ge
  2. My initial impression of Sixt was great but within 1 week of receiving a final invoice for my rental has now been completely ruined. I will never use them again as their post-rental policy seems to just be all about making up profit margins. They advertise apparently cheaper prices to get the business but then claw the money back to be profitable afterwards. 1. No one explained about needing to return the vehicle clean - an omission which has now cost me £50+20% VAT. I've been sent emails since telling me they expect all customers to thoroughly check T&Cs before renting a car, so why
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