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  1. Thanks dx, I have been on my credit file this week after paying the sum of £100 a month to Cabot for 12 months and still it shows as a default doesn't show an arrangement to pay. Can anything be done about this as it is killing my credit score? I have already spoken to Equifax and they had a response from Cabot that they are fulfilling all of their legal responsibilities and for me to contact them, so I did and to cut a long story short the default will stay on either till the account is settled or the period of 6 years. They will take part settlement however this will also show on the credit file.
  2. Hi Guys, I could do with a bit of advice after an illness and arranging payment with various companies my credit report took a kicking as expected however I have now caught up with all but 2 HSBC and Cabot I still have an arrangement to pay. I must add that these 2 where defaulted on some time ago, whilst shall we say discussing payment arrangements. The issue I have is that even though I am paying that theses 2 accounts and have been for over 14 months they are still showing as defaults and are killing my credit score I have contacted Cabot (they where not any help) any ideas how I can improve my credit score
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    Yes unfortunately, wished i would have known what i was signing, but was desperate at the time.
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    Don't know dx thats what I'm trying to find out after reading in the forum. On the correspondence it just states personal loan, but it sounds much the same as the managed loan
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    Ok cheers will send it in the morning
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    Thanks maroondevo52 should i send it to the Customer Credit Services Dept, that is who i received the letter from?
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    Hi, hope someone can help. I have had a payment agreement in place since Jan for a period of 6 months, the plan has now come to an end from a previous thread i started i received some great help and advice. The last letter i received from HSBC stated that my account had been passed to Metropolitan Collection Services and Once the six months had expired MCS would contact me. The account is for a personal loan it was given to me as i was always OD and just about paying the minimum on my credit card they put it all in one loan. I have been paying it back for approx 4.5 years and still only managed to pay 3000 off a 10000 loan. I can't find any of the details and with to CCA and SAR them, my question is who do i send the requests to is it HSBC or MCS?
  8. No not yet, just got home as i work away, will right it today. any ideas on who to address it to?
  9. Thank you ims, is it best to ring Cabot or correspond by mail
  10. No termination notice either, the only correspondence was to inform me that the account had been sold to Cabot.
  11. No, I have never received a default notice from Hitachi
  12. Hi ims, the loan was taken out over the phone and the agreement sent to me through the post, I had recently settled a loan with them. The letter is in the envelope ready to go when you say
  13. Hi dx, Brig do you want to see the original customer copy of the agreement?
  14. Thanks Brig i will get that off today, and in answer to your question the loan was for building work
  15. Hi Brig, thanks for your response, the basic details are, after an injury my wages were reduced i contacted Hitachi asking for reduced payments on a personal loan they agreed to a payment schedule of £50 a month for a period of 12 months. Six months into the agreement i received a letter from Hitachi telling me that the account had been sold, I received a letter from Cabot on the same day saying that they had bought the account and any further payments paid to Hitachi would be sent to them. I then joined CAG and was given the advice to send a CCA request to Cabot and i SAR'd Hitachi. I eventually received a copy of the agreement with two hand written agreement numbers on it one of which had been crossed out, with Cabot's response that this is enough to enforce the agreement. The SAR was interesting it stated that there was a hostile termination on 30/1/14 still don't know what that means. I have the original customers copy of the agreement which i signed and returned, it has no agreement number on it. dx seems to think that this is the reason that Hitachi sold it on as they know that it is unenforceable, I am disappointed to say the least with Hitachi that I had an agreement in place with them and half way through they sold it to Cabot. I think that about sums things up, if you need anything else please ask.
  16. Thanks dx I look forward to forwarding the Brig's letter
  17. Another letter arrived this morning, it reads WE HAVEN'T RECEIVED YOUR PAYMENT Your Cabot plan has failed as the payment as the payment due on the 30/05/2014 has been missed. It may be that your payment has been delayed, or that you have been unable to make this payment. We would ask that you contact us to arrange a new repayment plan. We are prepared to take your circumstances into account but we can not do this unless you assist us. It could be that the way you chose to pay us was not convenient. The best way to maintain regular payments and prevent your repayment plan from failing in future is to pay by direct debit. CONTACTING CABOT It is important that we talk to you so please call our team on 0845 0268 870. C Lambert
  18. Thanks for that David, shall I post the letter on the site to make sure. What are the consequences if any of the letter not being in the correct format?
  19. There was no default on the original account as it had never shown on my credit report. therefore no default. I was paying a reduced amount agreed with Hitachi. All was fine until i received the original letter from Cabot
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