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  1. Hi Jimmy99 You're absolutely right that its fantastic when everything goes right, but when it goes wrong its an expensive nightmare that goes on and on and on with trying to get some fairness out of it all. Its not so much Samsung themselves that are the huge problem when it comes to buying their products - its the repair arrangements the have with their retailers and their contracted repairers Digicare. Some of Dixons companies, such as PC World do not take the product in. You have to take it home, contact Samsung and they send a courier to pick it up and take it to Di
  2. Hi Steve, Looks like you struck gold with them sending it away to Digicare temselves. The only thing Digicare can do to void the warranty now is to say it was misuse but at least you have someone to fight against that allegation and win. More power to you!
  3. Hi Steve, I take it Currys got you to take the Freesat Box home and ring Samsung, who aranged for a Courier to pick up their product? With a bit of luck you'll be OK with the repair. We had one Netbook that had its non-responsive keys fixed and is still working well for one of my Grandkidss. However, having had the other Netbook with the same problem badly damaged either in transit or by Digicare we are, so far, being ripped off (£200.00) by the P.C. World/Samsung/Digicare axis. I've gone to the OFT and I'm hoping they will do something to alert everyone to the risks of buyin
  4. Hi everyone, Having recently had a warranty voided by Samsung and Dixons PLC, after one the 2 Netbooks we purchased for my grandchildren was severely damaged either in transit to Samsung's repair centre, or by their UK contracted repairers (Digicare) I thought I ought to let other potential Dixons Group customers know of the risks they may be running when they purchase a Samsung product - the following risks may also apply to other major retailers, such as Tesco and Asda, who have told me they use the same service in the same way. This is the information I sent to the Office of Fa
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