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  1. It's very difficult to remove the smell of diesel from clothing (any tips on how to do so would be appreciated).
  2. After being covered in diesel my husband, a london licensed taxi driver, had to come home, shower, change his clothes and try to clean his taxi seat. The approximate amount of claim is £300.
  3. Thanks for your replies. Is there any point in pursuing this claim? If so, what sort of company would deal with such a claim? We feel that cctv wouldnt prove that the pump was faulty. My husband also said that a lot of the pumps were closed at the time.
  4. My husband was recently using a diesel pump at a petrol station on his way to work as a taxi driver when it splashed back and covered him almost from head to toe in diesel. He reported this to the cashier who said he would close the pump and advised my husband to write to head office. My husband set out his claim in a letter, including ruined clothing and loss of earnings. The reply from the claims handling agent states after their enquiries they have found no evidence that any loss suffered by my husband has arisen due to any negligence or failing by the petrol station. Any suggestions what to do next? This was definitely a faulty pump but how can he prove this?
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