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  1. The 02 one was for an old contract that was my sons. I was in dispute with o2 as they refused to put a spend cap on my sons mobile , he was in school at the time and was over using it. I just cancelled the DD and went with another provider. The utility one is from a previous address with British Gas.
  2. I’ve been contacted by a company called Lowell who are chasing two old debts. An 02 one from five years ago and a utility one from around me three years ago. My stance has always been to ignore these parasites. A don’t deny and don’t comply stand. There now threatening legal action. Just wondering how far they’re likely to take it. Thanks in advance
  3. hi, just wanted to reitterate what most are saying ..please dont pay these highway robbers.(at least dick turpin wore a mask) lol....i have today received my first notification of ukcps in what will be likely a six or seven part series...this is the fourth time of dealing with these irritants .please dont pay them .dont be intimidated by them and laugh at them ...i actually rang them lAST YEAR AND TAUNTED THEM , DARING THEM TO TAKE ME TO COURT ... NEEDLESS TO SAY , THEY NEVER . i look on there little parking attendants as kind of car park security gaurds now, its all they are fit for .. haha...serioudly tho ..anyone getting a ticket of these scurge of society , please dont pay .they are just trying it on . four times ive had them and nowt never happens . they are a joke
  4. thanks andy...in my defence shall i explain i an awaiting document of carter? as how can i defend something which i havnt seen? thanx
  5. well based on the date he replied (27 june) it would of been 11th july....but he has yet to forward me any copy of the agreement?? he stated in that same letter his client agrees to an extension of time to file defence from the date documentation is sent ...but as of yet he has failed to send me any documentation?..do i just have to wait now until he does?? thanx piglet
  6. ok sorry not been on for a while , not been well.... .story so far... court papers arrived from northampton on 2nd june .. ....i do an online aos to the court 6th june . ...also write to carter on 6th june with a cpr 31.14 request.. ..carter replies on 9th june asking for a 28 day extension... .i reply to carter on 12th june telling him as he has requested an extension to source any such agreement he must agree to an extension 15.5. .also i put it to him as he has signed the poc which in itself is a statement of truth that surely he must have already seen such documentaton???... .27th june carter replies agreeing to extension of time for filing my defence from 14 days documentation is sent.. .....that was last correspondance with carter. ....i contacted the court yesterday and he hastnt applied for judgemen t..what is my next move???.. .can i ask the court to dismiss it???? do i contact carter???? thanx everyone
  7. thanks andy, just posted reply to carter.if he agrees tothe cpr15.5 should i inform northampton via post with an attachd copy? thanks again pnhs
  8. just received reply of carter, hes saying the seven days i have given him to send me a copy of the said agreement is unreasonable and he needsa further 28 days tosource the original agreement?..do i have to give him the 28 days? whats my next move ? thanx piglet
  9. no i dont recall any default notice from mbna..i have got the requesyt ready to send of for the cpr.
  10. hi , there in relation to an old mbna debt..bryan carter is involved.
  11. hi, thanx .. here is a brief background. .i did have a mbna account between 2007 and 2010.. i went through a divorce and lost my job etc. .ex got the house car all the usual stuff. .i think it must be this coming back to haunt me.. letters ive had are jan 2012 mbna inform me they are transferring my account to arrowe global. .jan 2012 a nice welcoming letter from arrowe global also informing me they now have possession of my account.. .may 2012 letter from bryan carter informing me that his client arrowe global have reduces my balance from 5840 to 4999.. .this is to apparently helpme settle . 30 may 2012 bryan carter letteragain informing me he has issued litigation. .1st june...claim forms from northampton county court.. ..poc mentions an agreement which is now due? also the defendant agreed to pay monthly instalmentsunder account numberxxxxxxxx. ..there was no agreement copy included in the court papers? should this of not been included? how can i defend something i cannot see? . .thanx again ..
  12. hi, thanx for reading, just need a bit of advice , i hve received court papers from county court, claimant is a arrowe global guernsey ltd, there solicitor is a bryan carter.. particulars of claim arefor the balance due under an agreement which is now due .that the defendant agreed to pay monthly instalments under account number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx but has failed to do so. the claimant claims £4999.00 and also interest. i think arrowe global is a dca. .ive had letters of them in last twelve months. .but i havnt taken any agreement out withthem? any ideas on how to defend this ? all feedback much appreciated guys .
  13. hi, its advice on court papers ive received from northampton county court ..thanx
  14. hi can anyone advise me how to create and post a new thread? thanx
  15. hi, i am alsonew and wish to ask for help ...how do i create a new post?
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