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  1. So, it would just be dealt with as a civil matter and not criminal; i.e. I wouldn't be in trouble with the Police?
  2. Hello, Just thought I'd ask for some further advice as we have now defaulted on this loan with TFC. We are in contact with them, almost daily as most previous customers have mentioned! We have now told them we are no longer in possession of the vehicle, and they have told me that if I don't tell them where it is it will be reported as stolen. I don't have the details of the person I sold it to, and they lived over 150 miles away. My first question is; can they do this? If they do, what are the repercussions of this for me? As we have been moving, and only just at a point now whe
  3. Hi, I've attached the agreements below. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks R [ATTACH=CONFIG]40294[/ATTACH]
  4. Thanks for the response conniff, but if the agreements not valid, should I still make payments under the agreement? And how do I go about telling them it's not valid, and what's their likely response? In regards to ppi, there is no mention anywhere on the paperwork, but there is gap insurance.
  5. So how do I go about dealing with this, we can't afford to pay for it any more...
  6. So I rang TFC, and they were less than accommodating. Just stated they don't do reduced payments, and will go through the usual default procedure. I mentioned that my BoS was void and he just said that I will have to put my complaint in writing to their complaints dept. I'm just confused about whether the CCA is still valid or not with the BoS void.
  7. Thanks for that. Had a good look around, there seems to be quite a few people with void bos's around, and I think mine is too. It doesn't have the specific wording required under the ancient law and it was signed by the salesman. The cca was signed by us on 3/3/10, but by them on 8/3/10. Will this affect the legality of it? And if the bos is void, is the cca void as it directly related to the bos? Thanks for any advice!
  8. Most retailers today will sought authorisation from their payment processor, however some larger retailers can authorise some smaller payments without contacting the payment processor. These retailers will have a floor limit for these transactions, which is usually £50, but not always. Some retailers will only do this if the technology that is used to gain standard authorisation isn't working as it should. There isn't really any way of knowing what individual retailers do though, as it's not something that they would publicly talk about.
  9. Hi, Thanks for you speedy response. The loan is for a car through the funding corporation. thanks
  10. Hi, We have recently taken a steep drop in our family income and we are having to cut back on everything to survive. We have a secured loan which was originally for around £12k taken out in March 2010. The outstanding balance is now about £6k. We no longer own the goods the loan was secured on, and would like to know, what would happen if we defaulted on this loan? Thanks R
  11. Thanks for your help. We're still waiting to see how far this will spread at the moment. Had to go in to HSBC today and draw out the last of my money that went in, felt like a criminal, just like the other times i've been in! Cashier still couldn't understand why account had been marked for closure... We are due to move at the beginning of april, so we will wait until then before we start sending off SAR requests etc to ensure everything comes back to the right address. My wife went to see the lady yesterday, she tried to act as if nothing had happened and denied any knowledge o
  12. Hi, We don't have regular monthly statements, so will have to go diwn the SAR route. In response to your questions; 1. The lady never stated at any point that she was unhappy with the payments the she or my wife had made on her behalf. 2. My wife stopped working for her as she wasa "poached" by another care agency. However, she continued with a few more payments after this time. 3. We don't know how they were made, we guess internet. 4. The lady is of sound mind, and lives alone. She manages all her finances herself, however she is disabled so requires help to get
  13. Hi, Thanks for your reply. 1. My wife no longer works for her, she stopped working for her in November, however paymetns continued until early January. The lady has said in a facebook message dated mid January that she doesn't want the money back. (However my wife has been paying £50 per week through her door since November, as she now realises that it was all wrong.). We don't know what the lady has said to the bank or the Police as she no longer works for her and hasn't spoke to her since that Facebook message. The Police call handler today advised my wife to contact the woman, whi
  14. Hi All, Been reading many of the posts on here, hoping to get some tips for our situation, but not really finding anything. I think our case may be unique! Please read this post with an open mind, I know many people may judge us before considering the facts and beleive we were wrong from the outset. We (Me & my Wife) have banked with Barclays for abour 3 years. We have 1 current account and 2 business accounts with them. On Tuesday 6th March, my wife tried to log on to our online banking, but was greeted by an error code and given a number to call. Upon calling the number an
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