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  1. When you purchase an item via chip & pin is authorisation sought immediately? I have been told today that on occasion the retailer can process the payment without authorisation. Is this the case? I'd appreciate any advice on this, thanks in advance.
  2. I'm wondering if anyone would be able to offer me any advice. I have a Flex account with Nationwide which I use for bits and pieces (an account that i've had since 1999) Approximately 5/6 years ago I called Nationwide to remove the reserve limit that they put on my a/c without my knowledge. This meant that if I went slightly over a 15 POUND unautharised overdraft charge would be applied to my account. Apparently it's a 'buffer' incase you run into trouble and need it. I asked for this to be removed as I don't use the a/c as a main a/c and only have limited funds i
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