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Found 9 results

  1. Dear All Almost two years ago received a claim from Restons for £2,500 but with no details. Filed defence requesting details of claim and made a CCA request. Cabot didn't come back until a week ago, with copies of some documents, containing terms and conditions, and copy of agreement, stating that they are now entitled to obtain Judgment. Have to see if it is genuine. I have noticed that they have not provided copy of Deed of assignment, I requested. Not sure if important? Also it appears that the authorisation of Cabot Financial has lapsed with the FCA, which is the name they've used on the Claim form. Does this mean that the claim is not valid and they have to reapply? Also, over half of the amount they are claiming consists of bank charges. Not sure if Default or Termination notices are relevant if they have bought any debts. Please help
  2. In February... http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/active-securities-secures-full-fca-authorisation-569623481.html Yet... My complaint with the FOS - They completely ignored.. so it has to go to an adjudicator. How do they gain this status if they ignore the FOS? How is responsiveness to the FOS not a requirement?
  3. Firstplus has returned our SAR letter together with the cheque and proof of address we sent. Their cov letter is asking my husband to provide authorisation to disclose information relating to me. It also says they will respond "....in any event within 40 days." Can I send them a fresh 'joint' SAR? With both our signatures and copies of our proof of addresses etc with a fresh £10/- cheque?
  4. Hi Evereyone, I'm new to the forum and trust you will guide me to understand my legal position. I recently booked a serviced apartment in London for a week. Total payment was made during the booking time and a further holding deposit (pre-authorised amount of £200) was to be paid during check-in. It all seemed fine to me and I went ahead with booking. Now , I have checked out of the apartment 10 days ago and my holding deposit is still not back. There was no damage done to the property what so ever and even they are not claiming it. They are telling me that the hold has been released but mney has still not reached my account. In case you are confused with the holding deposit we pay to agents before renting, It was a bit different as they promised not to debit anything from my account untill and unless there is a damage done to the property due to my actions. They were supposed to keep a block on £200 for the time I'm staying there and release it after the check-out. My bank has now confirmed that they actually deducted £200 and the return of the payment is now pending with Visa which might still take many days before clearing. I'm really unhappy:mad2: with their(Service Apartment company) business conduct as they have no right to debit any amount from my account without my permission, especially when their written policy says otherwise. This is a clear violation of security and trust. I might still get my money back but they could have easily taken out much more than £200 as a interest free credit leaving me in a desperate situation. I still don't know when will I get my money back but more annoying part is the breach of trust. Could anyone please advise how can I make them pay for their unprofessional conduct and breaching the trust & security of my account. Thanks, Tash
  5. When you purchase an item via chip & pin is authorisation sought immediately? I have been told today that on occasion the retailer can process the payment without authorisation. Is this the case? I'd appreciate any advice on this, thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, any advice or previous experience greatly appreciated! I have recently had my account emptied by ARISTE HOLDING LTD, which you probably know is a trading name of cash genie. I got paid on 07/09/12 for the first time since March as I have been out of work. I checked my balance on-line at approx 1pm, after using my debit card at a well known and reputable retailer. By 4pm I had £70 available. Now, the cash genie loan I took out was on 14th December 2011 for £180. I paid them £60 on 23/12, but was unable to pay them the remaining balance in January. Also worth noting that at the start of January I lost and so ordered a new debit card meaning cash genie could not possibly have my new card details, right? Anyway in the recent months I have been receiving a lot of e-mails and spoken on the phone to a company called Carter Forbes who I believed were now in "charge" of collecting this debt. I did also have quite a long conversation with them at one point telling them my situation, how I was unemployed, and that I simply couldn't commit to any kind of pay back schedule until I was back in employment. Also that once I was, I would arrange some kind of settlement. They didn't seem to understand this and were extremely keen to get me to sign up to any sort of repayment; I now know why! So the charges they made on Friday were as follows: £200, £193, £100 and £10. There were also a list of about 15 other charges for varying amounts which didn't go through as the bank had stopped my card by that point. I saw this list in person in a branch of my bank (HSBC). An employee of the bank told me I would definitely get the money refunded and even allowed me to withdraw £200 cash over the counter, money which I didn't have available. I have since spoke to the bank over the phone and they say I need to wait for the charges to leave the account before they can look into it further. I am planning to ring them tomorrow morning as the charges now appear on my on-line banking statement. I have read several similar stories on line but none seem to have such a delay from the original loan to the "stealing" of money. Also I don't know how they got my card details or if they even need them? Can they charge with just your account number and sort code? Also are they allowed to charge a different card to the one that I've knowingly supplied them, without first contacting me? Their T's & C's aren't the most transparent. I feel that as long as I can prove that they have acted unlawfully I should be fine. Ultimately what I want is my money back! I would very much appreciate any help and advice on this matter as I am completely lost as to what I should do first. I have no idea exactly what is and isn't allowed and have realised from searching the internet that my bank are not going to just hand me my money back no questions asked. Likewise contacting one of the many associates of Cash Genie seems to be.. pointless. Please let me know if you need any more details about myself or this whole situation. Many thanks,
  7. Hi I had a recoreded Letter deleivered today..I wasnt in to sign for it!! It has no name .just Ower/occupier..Im thinking this could be a SD Have DCA sent letters with owner/occupier before to catch ppl out ??
  8. Hi, am new on here and looking for some advice please. Am posting on behalf of my partner who had an agreement with a debt company called Marstons. He had been dealing with a particularly unpleasant "lady" and paying off his debt, and had given her his bank card details for her to take payment. He was due to make a payment in July, but had called and explained that we had to go away on family business and would be back on a certain date and asked her if he could call her or her call him on this date so he could make payment then. She was quite agreeable to this and we thought that was that until we discovered whilst we were away that she had seen fit to take a payment out using his card details! He called her and the company and was told that she was well within her rights and it left him in a bad financial situation as he had believed she wouldnt do this. The "lady" and her company have basically put up brick wall saying that they are within their rights, and we dont know whether or not it is legal for them to actually do this without his permission. He has now had to close down his bank account and re-open a new one as she has his details and he is not happy!! Would really appreciate some advice on whether they have broken the law or not and if so, then what we should do.
  9. CAN MY BANK LEGALLY GO INTO MY ACCOUNT AND TAKE MONEY WITHOUT MY CONSENT??? I recently had £400 transferred into my account from someone also in lloyds tsb, they were paying back money they had loaned from me and it was more convenient to transfer from their account to mine. Once the transfer was complete, they called me to let me know. I checked using phonebanking and sure enough, they had made the transfer and the £400 was in my account. A few days later, i went to draw out cash from the cash machine and there were no funds in my account. Upon checking, i was told by my bank that they had gone into my account and taken the money as the it was claimed the transfer was fraudulent. Basically, the person who made the transfer, made sure i checked that the money was in my account, when they were satisfied i had done this, they simply called lloyds, claimed the transfer was fraudulent and requested the money be put back into their account.....and lloyds did this. When i called them regarding the matter, they told me i had to sort it out with the other person in question...as if it had nothing to do with them. Surely this cant be legal for them to just go into my bank and take money without first contacting me over the matter. Ive looked everywhere for information to say if this is legal or not but cant find anything that gives me a straight answer. Can anyone at all help ??
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