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  1. Hi, WS71 - I know how frustrating this is an can only advise, don't be so nice. I found out by being a complete pain in the butt to the courts is the only way you get anything done. Courts rely on you being intimidated by them, it's the same with bailiffs. Bailiff firms and Bailiffs respect only one thing, harsh language and direct action. Start sending letters to the personal addresses of the directors and to the Bailiffs home address direct. When these pumped up, steroid headed idiots realise you have their / family address, they become tearful and whine. I have recently had a Bailiff
  2. I've read the whole thread and may of missed the fact that the damage to the door is Criminal Damage, a criminal act. Other criminal acts may of been committed such as threatening behaviour, breach of the peace but I haven't seen the video. The police need reminding that the unjustified damage to your door is Criminal. An incorrect warrant is technically Breaking and Entering illegally. I'd be back on to the Police in person, a visit to the station backed up with a complaint by hand signed for. Let them know you mean business, don't be put off by the 'Civil Matter' bluff.
  3. ...only if you let them. I would tell them to pursue court action and show the Judge the payment plan put in place and prove how they intentionally try to scupper the plan to try and make more money out of you. I'd put the whole account into dispute and accuse them of fraudulent and improper behaviour and constructing this for purposes of tax breaks. People have to make a stand against this blatant corruption.
  4. If they say they have bought the debt, request the deed of assignment documents. What Have Sun Tan Der got to say about it? The deed of assignment document will also show how much they have obtained the debt for (Normally a fraction of the outstanding debt) which is why you'll never see it unless you take them to court and then offer to pay the fraction they paid and then thank them for paying your debt. Banks often sell off defaults, they sell them as securities which are insured, it's in their interest that you default because its win win win. If we plebs acted like
  5. Yer, low pond life, crap web site, chancers! http://www.bluestonearm.co.uk/debt-enforcement/
  6. If they do happen to turn up, photograph them or even better, video them. Call the Police and say a theft is in progress. Sit in the car, they cannot attempt to tow it with you in it and if they try to drag you out, that's assault. Film it. Sounds more like threats more than anything. Can you hide the car away for now? Have you got a garage?
  7. What you should do Alison is make Sun-Tan-Derr aware that you are holding them totally accountable for any actions / threats carried out by Anglia. Phone Sun-Tan-Derr and make this abundantly clear and take no nonsense from them.
  8. I didn't mention this to frighten Alison, just stated the fact that they have no regard for the law as the letter she received proves. Anglia think they are above the law.
  9. Black Horse Finance use these thugs too. They have no regard for the law at all, often turn up without a court order. They took a Caravan on finance and auctioned it with over £2500 personal items in side it. Sold the caravan for less than a third of it's value and still demanded £6000 left on the finance. You need to get these baboons sorted before they do turn up. They often forge signatures.
  10. Exactly Merlin, Judges work for the Crown, the crown represents the finance industry at it highest point. We are all being aligned to be ruled by the banks in just about every part of our lives. Judges are meant to be impartial - what an oxymoron! They represent the finance industry primarily.
  11. I believe proof is in the pudding. My partner has never had credit, she signed up a little over 18 months ago and has two 'chancer' inquiries from DCA's since hassling her mobile phone (we have got well rid of since but took over 7 months). CRAs DO provide DCAs information, correct or not they DO. Me, I still get the odd DCA begging letter every two months or so. Oh, and this isn't limited to DCAs, it seems the CRAs provide PPI and Accident companies information to. I had a flood of these as did my partner call us on a regular basis. TPS is useless!
  12. Since signing up with experian, I have been receiving DCA letters from people with my name but stores cards et al I have never had such as a Debenhams card, Next and a string of catalogue shyte. They don't get the message that I have never had these cards / accounts. I have had to install a call blocker app on my mobile to rid of these **** that just don't listen. This has all happened around 3-4 weeks after signing up with Experian which I must add have cancelled. Pretty little dials and crap to suck you in, that's all it's about useful for. Other than that I am 100% convinced that after sign
  13. After signing up to Experian, that's when my problems started. It's a tool for the finance industry and for them only. Fluffy adverts with ukuleles playing in the background is typical of Monster Companies trying to sanitise their operations. Any TV ad's featuring strumming away on a Ukulele is a precursor to avoid them. TV Ads with animated characters such as the weird British Gas ones - avoid.
  14. Hence the reason I requested my employer make me self employed via their overseas operations. I now have an account they cannot touch. The less I can contribute to this mentally ill country, the better.
  15. Swindon Borough Council took 100% of what they thought I owed via a AEO, they took over 33% of my wages. Two years down the line they are still trying to [problem] me. All due to their own maladministration.
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