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  1. Ah I see. Should we bother complaining to ACCC and ASIC then? Was hoping it might put a lid on them calling others. Just looking at bankruptcy in Aus... but it says we have to be resident in Aus.
  2. Ok and does that mean anything? Just dont understand... not sure Ive got the jist of what that means, is that a bad thing is it?
  3. Ok weve trawled a cpl of past posts....so he's emailed him with our uk address and stated theres a letter on its way also tp confirm address. He's told them that he's put in a complaint to ACCC and ASIC regarding them contacting other people, and that we expect this to cease now they have our address. Also informed them we have not given permission to contact via email and to communicate via writing only and that this will be the only email they recieve from him. Going to look into BK but wondered if that can be transferred to uk?..
  4. Oh my god theyve got in touch with his sister. Is there anything we can do about this, seriously going to affect his mental health if this person goes round telling everyone we're in so much debt
  5. @dx100uk Do you happen to know which post please?
  6. And would that mean they would have to cease all contact/chasing? Would it have any affect on us entering Australia at a later date would you know? And would it prevent my husband becoming Director of a Company in the UK? (it states it would in Aus) Thanks again
  7. We had to get finance for a car but it will be repaid by end of next year, so hoping that will help. Thank you so much for your help, and lack of judgement. We are really grateful.
  8. Credit Corp have emailed, so is it worth simply emailing them his address?
  9. Was reg in 2017, but dont they remain for 6 years? Will it not affect us for another 3+?
  10. They send an AOE but hubby wasnt working at the time so we got that stopped. See what happens now. It would still affect his crefit though even if satisfied is that correct?
  11. Yes we do, some are coming up SB, some already SB...and one CCJ which was registered whilst out of UK... been told we might be able to try and defend it but we dont really have the spare £200 odd to apply to court to try and get it removed. I dont think theyd give us the discount off the charge with us both working.
  12. Ok, he's hopefully getting a new job soon. Thank you so much. Are you sure this wont ruin us trying to repair our credit. Thanks again
  13. Oh christ. Theyre calling the main number and left message, he doesnt get calls forwarded its just a main office.
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