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  1. Hi @Andyorch Im not entirely sure how I do/where I put the draft order... Do I put it in box 10? Or do I type it up and attach with the form aswell as any evidence? Thank you
  2. Thank you so much for this and all your help so far, Im extremely grateful and will get this posted tonight. Thanks again
  3. That'll be marvellous thank you very much Andy, yeah thats what I meant I knew youd mentioned helping with the draft order before. Thanks again
  4. Right, we can pay the £250 this weekend for the set aside application! Can anyone possibly help me what I should write on it to support my application please?...I need to write some sort of statement do I? Thanks a lot
  5. Ok so how much notice do you get with that then? I know that youve said they cant do much, but I dont even want them at the door full stop.
  6. Sorry its so complicated right now.... totally temporary but totally complicated. I just dont want bailiffs knocking in the interim, thats my main concern. The standing order is going out still to Lowell, what was happening was other things were going out the same date and that was leaving not enough money in the bank to pay lowells SO.....hence it looked like Id just stopped paying, hence CCJ. It went out last month and again this month though.
  7. The exception circs letter Ive written was for court not the DCA. It mentions it on the ex160a
  8. Ok thanks, I literally have no choice then do I but to wait. And is it pointless putting the exceptional circs letter in?
  9. Hi, so shall I hang on then.. Or can I do the set aside form without having to put the fee in with it straight away? We dont have £250 and on paper wont qualify for discount at this precise moment
  10. Yes I will but we wont know our proper finances until another few weeks (thats what I explained above in previous post) So shall we just wait then? Feel like we're in a bit of a complicated situation.
  11. Ok sorry just stressing out. No we wouldnt right at this moment. We possibly may in a few weeks once baby arrives... This is because my husband will have his first new wages, and tgen we can update tax credits which will go down significantly, and babys arrival will bump up the income threshold for fee remission by 245 per month as its an extra child.
  12. The thing is I cant do the ex160a until I know what money we have or dont have ... We will lose a considerable award of tax credits in a few weeks, and a baby coming in 4 weeks bumps up the income threshold for fee remittance by 245. We dont have the fee to pay the ex160a... So... does that mean we can just hang on a bit then?..no bailiffs will be sent?...we can just wait a bit to do the ex160? (Just to clarify, the letter ive written was going in with the application to the court, not to Lowells... it says you can request them to consider special circumstances?)
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