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  1. Perhaps the best thing to do is knock on the door and ask the current tenants when they moved in.
  2. I've drafted a letter to the landlord from my friend and cut and pasted it below. Probably not the best worded lba in history but I hope it serves the purpose. If anyone has any more advice then I'm more than happy to listen. ref: *************, Chelmsford Dear Mr I'm contacting you today to let you know I intend to start court proceedings against you in regard the money you owe me following my decision not to rent the above property. On approximately the 15th October 2016 I gave you £90 as a holding deposit against the property ** ************ with a view to potentially moving in on 30th October 2016. On 27th October 2016 I transferred into your bank account £1500 provisionally to be a first month's rent and a deposit for the property rental. Within 2 hours of paying you the money I phoned to let you know that due to a change of circumstances I was no longer able to rent your property. At this time you agreed to pay me back the £1500 in full. One week after this I received £750 into my bank account. When I phoned you to ask why you hadn't returned my £1500 in full you stated you were “keeping £750 as compensation for you wasting my time”. It is not acceptable for you to keep this money as I never took occupancy of the property or entered into any contract with you. I request that you immediately transfer the remaining £750 into my bank account, the details of which are below. I expect the money to be transferred within 7 days of the date of this letter. If you decide to contest this payment I request a copy of every note or recording you have made from our phone calls if they exist. Also a copy of any relevant information you may have regarding this issue that you may wish to bring up in court. I remind you that if I don't receive the £750 or written correspondence from yourself within 7 days then I will start court proceedings immediately. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter within the 7 day period. Yours sincerely,
  3. Thanks again for all input. It seems there is a bit of a difference of opinion as to the legal position of my friend. My thoughts at the moment are that it might be best to write the landlord a letter before action asking for the £750 to be returned. After this it will depend what the landlord comes back with. If he comes back with an itemised breakdown of his costs that covers the witheld £750 then it may not be worth pursuing in small claims court.
  4. I believe the £1500 was paid by a bank transfer, not debit card. I will check this though. Does the same apply for bank transfers and can you still claim it back even after this period of time? It is now 2 months since the money was paid.
  5. Thanks for your replies. I appreciate my friend shouldn't have agreed to take on the flat and then backed out of the arrangement, however she has never signed a contract and did notify the landlord (almost immediately after paying him) that she'd changed her mind. At this point the landlord verbally agreed to pay back the full £1500. He's advertising his properties on Spare Room website so there would have been no delay getting the property back on the market and in fact my friend is adamant that the flat was never even removed from the website. Unfortunately I've only recently been made aware of the situation so none of the phone calls have been recorded. Of course my first advice to her was to put everything in writing going forwards. As I see it from the above it would seem it is the landlord's responsibility to show he's out of pocket to the amount he is trying to withold. It would seem fair that he should return the £750 + £90 after deducting whatever costs he's incurred. However as there is no signed contract maybe he's not even entitled to that.
  6. I'm writing on behalf of a good friend. She was looking for a residential property to rent in Chelmsford UK and found somewhere she liked. She immediately placed a £90 holding deposit on the property. At this point there was no written contract or receipt given but she does have proof she paid the money. This was approximately 15th October 2016. She was due to move in on 29th or 30th October and paid her £750 deposit and £750 first month's rent on 27th October. 2 hours after paying the £1500 she received news that changed her mind about renting this property and immediately phoned the landlord to explain she no longer wanted to rent the flat. He agreed on the phone to pay back the full £1500 but when checking her bank only £750 had been returned. The landlord now says he is keeping the other £750 as compensation for my friend wasting his time. Legally where does my friend stand? She has never signed any contract or paperwork with the landlord.
  7. The pain in the arse is I didn't want a new 12 month contract hence why I didn't change provider when Sky took it over. From what we were told we would not be under any contract with Sky which was ideal as it meant when we leave this property we could walk away from the broadband with minimal notice. I'm also severely annoyed that Sky can increase our monthly costs from approximately £17 per month to £23.40 with apparently no notification. the most frustrating thing was talking to the Sky staff on the phone and now conversing by email. It's like I'm dealing with idiots. They are complately unhelpful and uninterested. In fact they've now stopped replying to my emails!
  8. We weren't informed when the switchover would be made. First we knew was when the broadband stopped working. Turned out our router needed different settings inputted to work with Sky Broadband. I've been amazed how unhelpful and uninterested Sky have been over the phone and by email. I've pointed out numerous reasons that we shouldn't be in a 12 month contract. Their response was "all new Sky customers have to have a 12 month contract!" I was planning to take this up with Ofcom but if people have had more success dealing with someone at Sky, perhaps you could give me a contact name and address. I'm so cross with Sky over this. We specifically didn't sign up to any new deals because we knew we wouldn't be living at this address for the full 12 month period.
  9. Did anyone make any progress with this? We've just discovered my girlfriend has been paying these same charges £2.50 for not having Sky TV! Sky have also informed us she's in a 12 month contract which started from the date Sky took over the O2 service! I've just been emailing Sky and they are completely unhelpful. I've now told them I'll be taking this up with Ofcom as my girlfriend has never agreed to sign up to a 12 month contract.
  10. My good friend has been chased by numerous DCA's over the last 5 years for 2 credit card debts. One for £1,000 and the other for nearly £4,000. Due to the inefficiencies and disorganised nature of the DCA's we've managed to keep them all at bay and they've now all been quiet for the last 3 months. My friend is now wanting to move house but we're worried the DCA's could issue county court proceedings to her current address and she won't know about it until it's too late. Should we notify DCA's she's moving or just keep quiet? We're very conscious the debts will become SB in approximately 6 months so don't want to miss any correspondence this late in the game,
  11. Is there anything I can do with Redwood Collections to delay the possibility of County Court proceedings, whilst I fire off the CCA and SAR requests?
  12. Who should I send a SAR to, as I'd like to get to the bottom of this alleged debt. Should it be to the originator of the debt, Lloyds?
  13. If I send a CCA request, who should I send it to? IND Limited or Redwood Collections? IND seem to own the debt but Redwood Collections are now acting on their behalf.
  14. I've just checked her credit report again. It seems to have changed and now only shows this debt once. It is shown as being an IND Limited debt for £3886.00. Default date is listed as 10/09/2009. I know for a fact that even if the debt is legitimate she won't have paid anything or acknowledged the debt since January 2009. The strange thing is that when we phoned Experian to cancel her monthly debit with them, they were adamant this debt had been settled in full, not just sold on.
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