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  1. Thank you all for your helpful replies; your help is appreciated. I had forgotten how rude some members of the forum could be as had I innocently asked for some help about a specific problem but I do not really appreciate certain replies and insinuations about my mental health. I do not appreciate comments comments about decisions I made in previous years signing off now
  2. Wow - I had forgotten all about this - it was a bad time. Thanks for updating.
  3. Thank you d100uk - nice to see you're still here. Haven't been on the forum for a long time and yes maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to ring them but I was a bit shocked. Wescot was a NW Credit Card debt and I also know I should have stopped paying them. Andyorch - thanks for the link but that's for the US although I saw something similar for the UK. I read it that they shouldn't have rung the hard check on me... do you agree ?
  4. Hello - many years ago I had a massive amount of help from this forum and got sorted and life is now good. BUT ! I got an email from credit karma yesterday saying that Intrum had made a hard check on my credit file - I was shocked, had never heard of Intrum and knew that I only had one debt that I was still repaying which didn't show on my file. I immediately contacted Intrum and spoke to a call operator who proceeded to tell me that she had had a few of these calls that day and she could confirm that they had my name and address but couldn't say anything else to me as she didn't have the correct security details to go through with me. I would get a letter shortly. To say I was fuming was putting it mildly. I then contacted Wescot who are the people I pay each month. After some discussion e told me that my debt had been sold to Intrum in early April and I should be / should have had a letter confirming this. They had only been notified about the transfer on the 15th May. The gentleman at Wescot has issued a complaint on my behalf about the unsolicited hard check, and the lack of communication from Intrum - this was a bolt out of the blue as I have been very careful with my credit record as I am aware that we may need to re-mortgage next year. Do I have any rights here - are Intrum allowed to do this hard check without my agreement; is there anything I can do to remove it from my record by complaining to the credit reference agencies - I'm assuming that it will eventually turn up on the other two. I appreciate I had an agreement with the original lender but nothing from Intrum. I have been paying this debt from 2007 - and could probably afford to pay it off now. If I made them an offer of partial settlement would it suddenly appear on my credit record ? It hasn't appeared at all even when I was having problems. I do hope someone can put me on the right road.... Thank you for reading
  5. Good morning - am absolutely steaming ! but firstly only reclaimed the over limit fees and now to why I am steaming ........... Please see attached - copy of initial complaint & calculations; copies of final decision; copy of calculations; copy of letter sent in reply to FOS email reply from adjudicator; my reply to him (by letter). This will probably identify me to the FOS but by now I don't really care as I am very unhappy about the reply received. I feel that I am getting fobbed off....... I approached an accountant as I just couldn't make sense of the figures received (I also work as an accountant but am not qualified) but he couldn't make any of the figures add up so he suggested I write again for a more detailed analysis..........well you see the reply I got. I would now appreciate your thoughts on this - feel as if I am just going around in circles Thanks GS
  6. angry cat - at work so cannot comment fully but just a note to say that I have just checked my statements and the successful illness claim was actually paid into the account direct as a DDR - the amount totally agrees ...........how does that affect your opinion ? GS
  7. Have today written for further information - including how they have come to the overlimit charge conclusion Can't make any sense of the spreadsheet and calculations Will keep you posted GS
  8. Got my final decision in June and they demanded a reply within two weeks; I told them that it had taken several years to get to here so they could wait longer......have finally started looking at it now and have some distinct inconsistencies. They are now pushing hard for my reply so must get it over to them. Have thrown out all but one for the charges claims ? as only one fee was due to PPI ? There is no explanation as to this - I was quite clearly well below my limit if I did not have PPI. Just going to read those decisions mentioned earlier. They have now added the successful claim for an illness to the premium rather than deducted from the final offer which I think reduces the associated interest. The simple interest is reduced which I think it has something to do with the fact that there is less in the Surplus Redress column. They have not even mentioned my query as to why there is a difference in their calculation for my OH between 2011 and when they sent us a spreadsheet. To my previous helpers - if I scan the paperwork tomorrow is there any chance that you can review it and get back to me with your observations..... I have had a forensic accountant look over the spreadsheets and they are still looking over them - their initial observations are that it just doesn't make sense. Thank you very much GS EDITED - BY THE WAY MY HUSBAND RECENTLY RECIEVED A CHEQUE IN RESPECT OF A RECALCULATION FOR AN OVER LIMIT FEE - JUST ONE .....HE GOT OVER A 1000. pounds. I will scan that for you to.
  9. Lol ! didnt get notified of this one - obviously doesn't like me ! On another note has anyone seen the MBNA advert on tv where they admit to be "number nerds" and are very good at all that number stuff - all to their own advantage of course1 https://www.youtube.com/user/mbna It struck me as a bit arrogant and patronising ! GS
  10. Hi slick132 Sorry didn't realise you had posted Yes - it asks me if I want to unsubscribe......I didn't get a notification about our post but did get a notification of Miaspa's last post. Strange Thank you GS
  11. I am about ready for a group letter . Getting fed up now. Spoke to my adjudicator some weeks ago and he said that he wouldn't be long getting back to me as he had all the info required . I'm still waiting ! GS Ps could one of the mods have a look to see why I do not get notifications on this thread. Thanks
  12. Mine' is nearly five years from original SAR ! And we'll over 2 years sine the frist offer GS
  13. SAR Autumn 2010 Original Complaint Summer 2011 To FOS Autumn 2011 Upheld and chq received early 2013 Summer 2013 second complaint Summer 2015 - FOS are working through the complaint. GS
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