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  1. Thanks for clarifying that dx. I'll ignore them for the time being and hopefully they will stop harassing me for payment.
  2. Received a letter from PRAC solicitors advising that they want to discuss the case and if I didn't retract my defence they would take it further. They are now stating that they will proceed to remove the stay and go ahead as they have enough information to win the case and apply all charges against me. The main reason that they are stating this is that there is a late fee for 12.00 on the account and then a payment of 12.00 the following year. I have never made a payment as j have checked my account statements. This will be going statute barred
  3. Marriage separation at this stage will cost a fortune via solicitors and court actions. Both parties have equal rights to the property and neither can remove access from the property unless police are involved and there has been cases of abuse against either party. Since the resident child is over 18 I'm not too sure if you can stop the sale of the house if he insists. This would need to be clarified with a solicitor. I do know that when my ex left our joint property it enabled me to start the sale of our house as she no longer needed a place to look after our children.
  4. He is entitled to 50% of the profit if the house is sold so why not offer him that to buy him out.
  5. I had a claim last year from PRAC they didn't proceed with the case. I eventually rang the court to be told it was discontinued. Dont worry about it they will not go to court for the amount they are trying to get out of you as they are just fleecers.
  6. Right just rang court today to check on this case and the claimant has filed a notice of discontinuation in October but hasn't informed me about it. I'll chalk this up as a win then.
  7. Hi just noticed you have a claim against you for the same thing I had. Have you contacted Northants to find out anything. I did this and found out that they never replied and the claim was discontinued by the court. Check my thread out.
  8. Wow didn't know that. So I gather they definitely wont be pursuing this any further then. If they have added this on my credit file could I know force them to remove stating that they cant prove it's amy debt.
  9. Just rang Northampton and been told that the claim has been stayed due to no reply from the claimant. It will cost them £100.00 to get this removed. I dont think they will bother for the amount that they are claiming but we will see.
  10. I'm aware they have gone under but they have sold the debt on and are now saying I could make a claim against them for getting a loan under irresponsible lending. Where would I stand on this when it goes to court.
  11. Yeah I filed a defence against BW Legal which bought the debt off ICL. ICL have emailed me to say that due to breaches of lending laws a high court action has forced them to contact all borrowers and assess claims for refunds. IMPORTANT INFORMATION INVITATION TO CLAIM: SCHEME OF ARRANGEMENT IN RELATION TO INSTANT CASH LOANS LIMITED Background We contacted you in July 2019 to tell you about our proposals for a Scheme of Arrangement.
  12. Ok this is weird. I have had an email from icl to make a claim on any loans that I have taken out due to irresponsible lending and yet the7 have sold it on. What should I do?
  13. I've just double checked dates claim date is the 14th August with the 33 days to post defence would be today? Fingers crossed ..
  14. Damn thought it was due Monday. I've managed to upload it hopefully they will accept it. Stepson was in and out of hospital last week. I'll ring them to see if it's ok.
  15. The Defendant contends that the particulars of claim are vague and generic in nature 1. Paragraph 1 is noted. I have never had an agreement in the past with PRAC Financial and do not recognise the account number referred to by the claimant. 2. Paragraph 2 is noted but not admitted. The claimant would not be aware of any alleged breach or in a position to plead such fact as the defendant did not enter into any agreement with the claimant. The defendant also does not recall receiving a default notice as stated. The claimant is therefore put to strict proof to verify the a
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