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  1. Marsdens did not even acknowledge any of the letters. I think they ignore them so people get bored. I am just thankful that it was not me who owed the money. I do not know what I would have done. Do they usually collect debts from at least 8 years ago? I am just getting the date from my son he has the cctv record. I really wanted to know if they were allowed to go into an address that had nothing to do with the debt. Mostly because I am afraid anyone can just walk into my home. My daughter moved into the property 6 years ago . The man Richard whos name was on the paperwork moved
  2. sorry I could not get from the other person and back to you. I went back to my emails and found you. We live far away from everyone and my daughter lives in the attached cottage next door. The person the bailiff was looking for, used to live there 8 years ago. His name was Richard --------------------- I never used to lock the door. He must have just walked in. The cottage has a sign saying " cottage". In order for him to get to my back door he had to go through a gate . It was approx 5pm. Jilly
  3. I heard a noise downstairs. I had just got out of the shower. Threw on leggings ran downstairs getting dressed, just managing to put my top on. I walked into the kitchen a man all in black with a protective vest on. He had gold numbers on his shoulder’s socks tucked into his boots. I said "what are you doing in my house? Who are you?" He would not tell me. I said "Get out" he refused. Again, I told him to leave. I asked him who he wanted and what address. He told me the address and I said, "THAT IS NEXT DOOR" He called me a liar and said he would not leave he was 2 inches from my f
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