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  1. Hi, I have just set up a business in March and have filled in one of those forms and submitted receipts. I have now been told they will not allow for business start up costs! In my case - I have set up a salon ... furniture in the salon, workstations, mirrors, flooring that I have paid for as I went along and electrical tools and equipment, PRs, PPS and broadband has not been allowed. Only gas, water, electric and stock has been allowed! good luck with these people..seems you try and better your life and you get penalised! However, if you sit on your backside you get everything
  2. Thank you...this guide looks more helpful then anything Peterborough City council have provided. I'll see if they have something similar. I do receive tax credits at the moment but I am living on them and its only enough to pay my bills and food which is a massive help. I just feel so frustrated right now that they do not take into account the purchase of things like hairdryers a necessity at a salon!
  3. hello, I am a sole trader and have a little hair salon (purchase of goodwill) that I purchased in march. My sister took out a loan on my behalf to make the purchase. I am currently on some housing benefit and also have put every penny into the business as I had no capital to buy any tools or equipment. The said loan repayments they would not be able to use in calculation of my housing in benefit. They also wrote to me on 18th November and have told me they have revisited my claim from April and now they were not going to allow 'expenses for new electrical, tools and equipment and furniture
  4. hello all, I hope somebody may be able to offer me some advice. In march 2014 I purchased the goodwill of existing hairdressing salon. I was declined for business start up loan despite putting in what I thought was a very good business plan. My sister took out a loan on my behalf to purchase the good will of the business but this meant I had no money left to buy any stock, tools, equipment and furniture for the salon. Since then I have been buying these things as Ive gone along. I also put in a claim for housing benefit and the said they weren't able to accept the loan rep
  5. hey just post us his telephone number and we'll all ring him and tell him...see how he enjoys harrassment!
  6. Decriminalised parking enforcement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia There is a site i came across yesterday where it will tell you exactly which councils operate civil parking..... When i find it i will post... A PCN isn't technicially a fine..... read up and educate them!! In fact, speak to the official receiver too as i advised before and tel them these people are harrassing you!
  7. yup...here goes..... Car parking fines - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums I remember a bailiff came knocking and i told him i'd rather spend my money on bankruptsy than give them a penny.He and their call centre told me council tax couldn't be included.......how wrong were they..... hope this info puts a smile on a few faces. Hope its true as well!!
  8. You must be furious! Bailiffs just a breed of their own and those on the end of the phones not much better! Aw, i hope u get it all sorted!! My ex registered his old car to my name without telling me.....got me loads of parking fines all over london..i wrote to dvla to say car is not mine and they removed my name fro records.....i have bailiffs calling...i've even provided evidence to say prove my case....they are just not listening and telling me to pay up! I'll be really annoyed if they take my car all thanks to my stupid ex!!
  9. Here's the info i found......hopefully this applies other places as well as Northampton Traffic regulation orders made under the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 are used to impose parking and waiting restrictions on roads or for designating conditions for using parking places operated by regulations. Contravention of a traffic regulation order gives rise to enforcement action and financial penalty. Prior to the introduction of the Road Traffic Act 1991 all such contraventions were enforced by the police or police service traffic warden and the Magistrates' Courts. As such these penalti
  10. Just read something somewhere and it stated if parking fines were issues by council then they are a civil matter and can be included. If they were issued by poice then they are actually 'fines' and can not.
  11. Hi there, I went bankrupt back in December '07. I included council tax debts which had already been to court, I'd not paid and I was due for another hearing where the council stated they were going apply to send me to prison. Wouldn't that be on the same lines as car parking fines? Anyway Stephen....the original ticket was probably unlawful anyway. I'm not sure if i'm allowed to post links on here but from what i've heard something like 90% of parking fines are unlawful. Check out parkingappeals.co.uk Vic
  12. Hey, you can claim council tax benefit even if you are not on JSA. I had a period of time where i had what was classed as 'nil income' where i wasn't in receipt of any wages or benefits. I just had to take in bankstatements and last 5 wage slips to the council and it was all sorted from there. They can backdate.
  13. That is shocking also! Did you ever write to the judge? CAn they actually find out who is the owner of a vehicle? Now i'm concerned they can find out the car outside my house is mine! I hope you got it all sorted!
  14. Hi all, I received a payment demand for 2 parking tickets dating back to March '08...but thats another post...... Brisyow and sutor are handling this now. I believe they have broken Data protection laws. The wrote to my next door neighbour recently stating they were anxious to get in touch with me. In this letter they revealed my name and address and asked my neigbour to complete a form revealing info such as landlord, estate agents if my house was recently sold, my telephone number and details of my employer! I don't even know why they are contacting my neig
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