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  1. I am very confused. I was always under the impression that a CCA request had to be complied with within twelve working days and if it was not signed by the debtor then it was unenforceable? According to the Credit Services Association Consumer Website, and one of my creditors, it is no longer an offence not to comply, and the agreement does not have to have a debtors signature on, but must simply be a copy of the terms from when the agreement was taken out? If this is the case then what is the point in making a CCA request. Further, with regards to SAR requests, what is the exact legal position on this because with me having like forty odd creditors, is there really any point in making either request? Can someone clarify the exact legal position of both please>?
  2. I have two CCJS and about forty creditors so you can imagine my credit file is shot to hell! I rang up the Co-Operative Bank last week because it is the only bank to whom I do not owe any money and I wanted to ringfence my income. I asked the guy on the phone for a Cashminder Accound, comes with a Visa debit card and you can withdraw up to £250 a day from any machine, as well as internet banking. They gave me a reference number and I went with it into a branch, handed them my passport and the account was open within a week. So I thoroughly recommend them.
  3. thank you so much for that. Is there anything I can add with regards to the home visit. This was tremendously embarrasing and to be honest the wierdest method of getting someone to phone a creditor i have ever seen!
  4. I sent and accepted an offer of a charges refund. My issue with them in the immediate term is the harassment. I have in all of my years dealing with debt collectors, never known anything like it.
  5. Yes there are charges, but, you see this is one of my disputes with them. I got a letter from them with an offer to refund £160 odd of charges. I signed and sent back the acceptance slip but it never got refunded. I am preparing some kind of letter tonight to go over the whole issue i am having with them, so any thoughts...
  6. Hi Guys. I haven't been on here for ages. In general have been making a real effort to reduce my debts for the past year or so and I am doing quite well.... ...however... ...I have defaulted on my Capital One Credit Card. The balance is only £260 and I have written to them on numerous occasions to offer a reduced payment. They have refused every single letter for any one of the following reasons each time: First time: I apparently never specified if I wanted a long or short term payment plan Then the payment offer was too low Then the payment offer they believed I could not afford and they were seeking court action Then finally they just never replied. They ring my home at least five times every single day, and if I am unavailable they are speaking to my mother like utter crap, and when they do happen to get me if I am in they go over the same old story every time. I have to date received six default notices from capital one for the same account? As it stands I am getting one with every statement. Anyways, today a man turned up at my front door without any prior warning and handed me a mobile telephone. He advised me he was from Capital One and asked me to speak to them on the phone. After about ten minutes he eventually got through to them and as this agent obviously wasnt me, they disconnected, so I ended up having to call them back anyway. What the hell is all this about? Can someone please assist me. I have debts in the thousands and over 35 creditors, but these are the worst out the lot! Please advise.
  7. Guys, I have an account which was with Fredrickson but is now managed by Bryan Carter. Has anyone got the bank details I need to make a standing order to them??? Thanks
  8. OK, no mean to be rude, but could you not tell by looking at the home page that it looks dodgy, not to mention it is based in Lebanon.
  9. I havent got the type of money to buy a trucall, I know what you mean though. Furthermore, I cannot change the number because the phone does not belong to me.
  10. Except the company is called IN TIME Finance Limited, not TIME Finance Limited. Just make sure you write that on the cheque.
  11. Yeah I know. But I have over 30 creditors so it has got to make some sort of impact.
  12. Hey guys. I posted on here the other day in one hell of a state but I am pleased to tell you all I have got a grip and taking action against my creditors. Anyway, I have come accross BT 14258, which is a service where you dial 14258 after a call and it blocks the number! Has anyone used this to block calls from creditors?
  13. I have already CCA'd them last year as with all my debts. They said no so an arrangement was made with them, which i have had to alter because my circumstances have changed. This is what all the trouble is over now.
  14. oh, and recently asked them all to write the debt off, still awaiting replies and confirmation from some...
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