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  1. WOW! haven't been on the site for ages and can't find my way around at all. it took ages to find the bear garden - i'm still not sure how i got here. i'm afraid this site has gone the same way as all the new mobiles - way, way passed my ability to understand and reason it out. this is like a message in a bottle. feel free to offer advice on how to navigate the site but i fear i may never see it. it's like a message from outer space - i'm well. hope all my old pals are doing well and wish you all well. i'll try to locate this again after i press the button - wish me luck!
  2. just a follow up - it's official - you need to have this ESTA form filled out to enter the usa. it is free until september and once you have it, it is good for two years. so if you might be going in the next two years - save £9 by getting it free on line - takes about 5 minutes. you don't need to fill in any travel plans. https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/esta.html?_flowExecutionKey=_c73671C4E-F983-91EF-BAE6-0D7D1F4EB57E_k91751F86-B776-6420-B9D3-D19CDFC92357
  3. might try this other stuff first - comes in a box, they have it at wilko's and i think it is called root kill - it worked for mother in law but you may have to treat more than once as the roots tend to pop up again - just keep at it and treat where you see it - now if i could just get rid of those blasted red lily beetles i'd be happy.
  4. just for info - if you look at the site and wonder if your passport is ok to use (electronically whatever)... on the page with the photo and the info - if your your name is like with loads of XXXXXXXXXXXXX's then it is ok. so sorry bb that my country has taken such a weird stand. guess you'll never get to vegas! oh well, there are lots of other places to see! take care!
  5. should mind my own business! yes, i went away and read it and there are exceptions. but here is the link for anyone who might want it Embassy of the United States London, UK - Visa Waiver Program
  6. bb, why? my understanding is that uk citizens don't need a visa only need the esta form filled out. i think moral turps has to do with leaving the sheep alone - we'll have to check that out with freakyleaky;)
  7. if you are or even thinking about it - here's a tip to save a little dosh. the new "esta" which you must have to enter or even pass through the good old u.s.a and which you get on line and is currently free is going to cost $10 per person starting probably in september or october. according to martyn lewis' newsletter, they are good for two years - so even if you aren't sure you might be going - best to get one before they start charging for them. just put esta in your search engine to find out about them. and another thing while i'm here... student loans which are supposed to be at or below the rate of inflation. i understand that they will be charging 4% starting in september. not a lot of people know that. better to be forewarned
  8. better to be over the hill than buried under it, petey! all the best to my favourite prince of the castle............ love, lattie;)
  9. ok, time to wind this up. a big thank you to those who sponsored me. i collected £220 on line donations and £130 cash donations so total raised is £350. all collected and ready to send off. thanks again. lattie (a big kiss to everyone who helped!) X
  10. so glad mr.hf is home and ok. thinking good thoughts for you both!
  11. so very sad to hear this news. i liked rooster a lot - he was a sensible, funny guy with a big heart and he will be missed. my thoughts are with his loved ones. bye, rooster - love ya!
  12. yep, chris, i think ruby definitely helped (although she could have made it a little cooler for us....lol). thanks mr. l all donations appreciated.. here's a pic of me# you can see me at the back! yeah, right! ok, this is really me. oh dear, it's a copyrighted pic - won't show up - here's a link (maybe) http://www.marathon-photos.com/scripts/buy.py?event=Sports/CPUK/2010/Jane Tomlinson's Hull 10K&photo=KARL3426&bib=2762&match=2762 uh-oh, it must be copyrighted too. you'll just have to take my word for it - i was there!
  13. nope, he passed us like we were standing still. we did beat hull city's roary the tiger but then it's been a bad year! (and it must have been absolutely sweltering in that outfit) we had loads of supporting comments (come on girls......nearly there...... you can do it), etc. i think they pegged as a couple of old timers ready for the knackers yard or the finish line whichever came first. it was a laugh and i'm oh so happy that we did it.
  14. hilary! guess i've been so preoccupied with my race that i didn't catch this earlier. i'm sure this is reminding you of what you went through with celia but i think this is entirely different. caught early, my understanding is that prostate is highly treatable. i'm sure he is getting the best available treatment, just try to stay positive and i'm sure he'll come through this with flying colours. thanks for your support with my race (and hoping they find cures for the lot soon) and please know that i'm thinking of you and your hubby with loads of love and good thoughts. lattie
  15. thanks, guys! just about recovered. had a really good time. not too late to sponsor me. we passed a hat around at the pub last night and added 53 pounds to the total. anyone want to add a bit more? pleeze! http://www.justgiving.com/Lattie-LorainneArnell
  16. finished! came in 2933rd! chip time; 1.27.57 loved it! gone to pub
  17. thanks again. you'd think we were running the sahara desert 100k the way everyone is going on about the warm weather. in my earlier running days i ran regularly in 80 degree los angeles smog - now that was a pain. but i will say the humidity is much higher here in hull. 70 here feels like 90 in LA.
  18. it's sunday, maz! i appreciate the thoughts and yes, it's too damn hot! i'm busy hydrating with lucozade sport and counting out my corn plasters. got my number, my timing chip, safety pins for the number, visor, sunscreen, sunglasses - btw has anyone else noticed the swarms of greenflies in the air or is it a hull problem?. i'm sure i've forgotten something, my race t-shirt, 3/4 jogpants, clean socks and undies! trainers at the ready. i think that's it. just taking it easy tomorrow and then it's race day. wish me luck! http://www.justgiving.com/Lattie-LorainneArnell
  19. SIX DAYS TIL THE HULL 10K.......... THIS IS A BIG DEAL - WE RAN 6 MILES THIS MORNING - HURRAY... only took us 82 minutes - so we are only going to do a 4 mile run on thursday and save ourselves for sunday! still looking for sponsors - no matter the size - all sponsorships will be gratefully accepted. http://www.justgiving.com/Lattie-LorainneArnell
  20. ok, now we're cooking! mazbck, there's no such thing as a small donation! every bit is appreciated as i know how much people are struggling (or they wouldn't be on this site in the first place). so thank you. and babybear, i'm so grateful. no more scaring us with any medical problems, ok? i'm touched that you have helped me with this. thank you so much. i take any donations very seriously and will do my very best on the day but have a good time as well. i've found out that the guy running the race backwards is a real athlete so my goal of finishing before him looks like a non-starter. i'll be happy just to do it and remain standing! http://www.justgiving.com/Lattie-LorainneArnell :grin:
  21. i'm fine. great, in fact. ran this morning and we ran for 75 minutes and the mileage was 5.65 miles. so we are pleased with that. just two more practice runs next week and then the run. seeing charleyfarley's thread of what were you doin 31 years ago.. reminded me of when i used to run about that time. it's about 30 years since i did my first 10k. i went on to do several and a couple of half marathons but from 1985 on, hadn't run at all til the 5k last year. i find it funny to think about my first 10k - my goals were a) to run the whole way (which i did), to finish (which i did), to not be last (which i wasn't) and to do it in under an hour (which i did). so a success from beginning to end. this time around my goals are simpler - to finish! and in an ideal world to do it in under 1 hr. 20 min. but we may not do that - so i'll settle for just finishing, which, as i said before - barring mishaps - we will. i'd still like to get a few more sponsors - so if you could see your way clear to donate to jane tomlinson charities (cancer research and children's cancer charities) - please follow the link. and thanks. http://www.justgiving.com/Lattie-LorainneArnell
  22. hi ll, best of luck with the effort (i hate the word diet). i take 2-3 tsp of sugar in my tea or coffee and now use splenda 2 or 3 tabs in my drinks and hand on heart after a day or two you won't notice the dif. that's if you take sugar. second best piece of advice is to increase the activity - not everyone can do a lot - but any increase will do three things for you -one, keep you busy and so you wont be knoshing and two, burn up some calories which helps with the plan and three - even minimal exercise will help to reshape a bit. remember, baby steps, take each day and don't beat yourself up if you slip up. it's like most things - just keep at it. let us know how you are doing. running has done wonders for me - but i know it's not for everyone. also, a friend of mine i hadn't seen for awhile and who has always been large-ish, has lost a stone quite quickly with slimming world and she has never been able to loose weight before - just a thought. what works for some might/might not work for others. good luck
  23. ran again this morning and as this is a bump message.... quite appropriate because i had a minor bump while running. going through one of those zigzag thingys along the river and caught my foot on the concrete at the bottom and went flying - no damage done. my hands hit the ground before the rest of me - so i'm ok. whew!!!! only 13 days til the race - so any donations would be appreciated!!!!
  24. http://www.justgiving.com/Lattie-LorainneArnell training update: ran 5 miles this morning. in 66 minutes. and the tshirt we get for the run arrived in the post this morning. it's about the same blue as the link. barring injury - i'm pretty certain we will be able to do it on the day. thanks for the bumps, guys.
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