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  1. I made a big mistake and have been for relevant issues posting on another forum. Not consumer advice but supposed I thought to give balanced and helpful advice without viscious attack on product they sell. I did the same old again, told the truth and they tore me apart, I mean not just a matter of they say no and hint I am just upset by it, but they had fun each posting saying how I was vindictive etc...... This particualr forum is odd as for the same issue it gives different opinion. So when reporting an incident was not being helped in a way I thought was normal to expect even though I accepted I had made a mistake, but could be rectified without inconvinience to both parties by such and such as they time and again tell their other posters, they in fact tore as said into me. Now I should switch off and think it doesnt matter, but me being the way I am I find myself trying to justify I am only asking what many have prior, for them to totally discount that and one by one have fun attacking for the sake of it. Trouble is I gave too much information and when will I learn it never helps for those who delight in anothers pain for the sake of it. I now have a migraine feel very poorly and feel like boiling my head, mental probs are a bugger for sneaking out and knocking me off my feet just when things have started to improve. I need to remember why (and I dont meant this site:-)) I cant interact with people in person or those out to hurt, but it seems also over the internet too some can be so horrible. We are all supposed to mature, when even though past fourty am I about to start that phase of my life, its bleeding taking its time to happen:madgrin: I always though being polite counted for something. Looks like due to weather my gammon might not arrive, maybe I should just use my head:lol: At least I can sound off on this site, I do appreciate that as its lonely being me:wink:
  2. In the space of two hours, our town has been coated in snow, really bad blizzards. Taxis and buses supsended obvioulsy and load and loads of people including me and kids stranded in city centre. Which way shall we go I thought and by accident found a large bus with a driver who had comandeird it and got permission to try adn get as many passengers home as possible. He wasnt taking fairs due to buses suspended and instead joked a little tip might be nice. Most of the people there including me happily gave him the equivalent of the taxi fair home and he got a nice bonus and we got as near to as possible to home via the main roads. It went at snail pace but roads were pretty quiet due to everyone snowed in. He even stopped to let on pensioners who looked stranded and take them home and wouldnt even charge them. Thats what I call good will xx Lets hope the bus makes it further its pretty bad here in bucks.
  3. My daughter nearly squealed as they stood up, oh okay they are wearing knick knocks:jaw:she said. Think of the view from take thats angle:madgrin:
  4. Just check first that they wouldnt see that as deprivation of capital once declared as savings before you pay anything off? Someone will answer later wether it is or not.
  5. Won quite a few bargains on ebay of second hand evans clothes for just over a quid most items starting to look a little smarter, next handbag 99p, coat 3.998) Just as well as my xmas sales clothes money was eaten by my rats escaping today, they got a new dwelling, but I still got my new outfit
  6. My girlie pet rats just ate their way out of their rat cage !!!!!!! Well I know now, rats with teeth, plastic base cage isnt going to work is it? The boy rats who are massive now are so dosile they play and sleep and sleep etc....wouldnt dream of eating their way out. My fault for calling one of them lady gaga, well she isnt going to ever do what told is she:madgrin: Merry christmas to myself:violin: I bought myself a metal rat cage,. Just as well I love my girls otherwise they would have ended up in a much smaller metal cage :jaw:for munching through 90.00 of my xmas spends........
  7. To be honest where I am its all worrying in advance as I havnt even been called for a medical yet:oops: Its just me panicky in advance though have calmed down a lot recently. I havnt got true help from hospital either, too many diff faces on mental dept wanting a person to go throug the whole story again and again, exhausting , so for now given up on getting any help and concentrating on recovering from the seizures I have as quick as can. Its just I know I will be in f ront of them with two arms, two legs one day soon like everyone else will adn I know when my time comes I will freak out:oops: Just nice to know the appeal is independant and that you WON:whoo:
  8. So glad for you, gives me hope when my time comes and obviously will involve appeal, that if have mental health amongst conditions probs can still win appeal. been worring that unless drop down dead infront of atos they wont give true appropriate points, but gradually resting alittle easier about it. Best wishes xxx
  9. I would also add advantages, they bring food to me when cant get to a shop. Disadvantages and a big disadvantage is the fresh goods normally go past their user date in three days, with asda that is. I have left notes before asking for them to choose good userbuy dates and it doesnt seem to make a difference. When in the shop myself I obvioulsy choose best date and this is normally a good four of five days past what you get delivered. Also the substitutions doesnt take account of an offer you may have ordered eg. reggae reggae chickens two in a box for 99p replaced by same brand but a different chicken product not flavored adn you get a box of four chicken breasts for 2.99, You may also find eg three products for ten pounds replaced by product that doesnt account for the original offer so your final checkout differs online quite a bit. You can refuse the substitutes but you feel guilty or pick up the deliverer is not happy with it. Not just that you find the refund promised if you do so often does not appear without a chase by phone. My last delivery apart from unhappy with subs was welcomed though as couldnt get out, so being overcharged was the least of my worries made better by a pleasant driver this time. ps. asda apparantly have a problem with the gear boxes on their vans according to driver, she was on van two and I was customer one, she did apologise incase the van wouldnt again start and we joked as she left saying she didnt know how far down the road she would make and this leads me to believe van maintanace if bad can affect a otherwise possible reliable service.
  10. Bought multiple items from seller, items didnt arrive. Seller took ages to sort refund whihc involved them telling the dispute process that they had refunded an ammount they hadnt, in fact they had refunded about two thirds of the owed ammount stating didnt have enough funds to refund. I kept the dispute process open and to be honest didnt know how to close it if i could as seller was asking me to, anyhow seller after about another two weeks later refunded the rest of the money. During this time due to seller telling ebay they had refunded more than they had and ebay closing the claim themselves I had to ring them on three occasssions and just receiving my bill am shocked I have paid costs well seven quid on this bill and some more to appear next month , but anyhow I didnt get too upset about that even though finances are tight and just thought try not to have to ring them agian. Anyhow something a bit odd happenes ebay decided I am entitled to refund of portion of previous unrefunded ammount and pay it in my paypal account. I see this an ammount less than thirty pounds and assume they have simply not read the statement on the case properly adn will ask for it back when ready. This ammount if they had dealt with it prior to seller finally refunding wouldnt have been the correct ammount owed anyhow it would have been more, but in anycase due to phone cost and them not reading emails properly I leave it, well knowing ebay will probably ring or email and ask for it back. Last night the seller emails me saying ebay are asking for an ammount just under fourty pounds adn would like me to pay them via paypal, sends me an invoice even being told this is the ammount she will have to pay ebay. I think hang on even if the money overpaid to me is due to her, which it would be via ebay, then why is she asking me for more money than overpaid by the resolution process. Another words really a call to ebay is due to say you have paid me such and such, seller is asking for more than that, so sort it out please. I think what has happened is the seller is asking me to repay their ebay fees on top of the ammount as the money would be about right for that. I dont trust this seller due to lieing over saying it was sent recorded and giving me a false track and trace code and then telling me when flumoxed as to why code was not working, to be told then by seller not even sent it that way. It cause me a lot of hastle trading emails and I didnt need it, so as much as I can see an error has occured I dont see why I shoud incur more phone bills to sort the error. This seller is asking for more money than would have come out of her account on resolution process so I t hink is taking the mick. I cancelled the paypal request and told her after she asked me a certain ammount had been refunded by ebay, that the requested ammount was wrong and to take it up with them. I did consider paying seller the ammount ebay had paid me, but could just see seller getting nasty at me not giving the ammount asked for so think I am right in leaving it to ebay to sort out. They of course are welcome to contact me about it and recall payment or request monies. Ironice really that after this seller making me wait ages formy refund, how prompt was asking for money back, I could understand if asking for correct ammount, but no wants more. Have decided ebay is not for me anymore. When it goes right, brill, but when a seller decides to ignore till suits them its a pain. Also you then leave fair but in this case a negative and sellers get upset telling you you have trashed their ratings malisciously, when i dont know about you paid over hundred pounds and waited a month for any money back I feel deserves a neg saying how stressful it was getting any monies back.
  11. Hurt my leg during a fit, injured the muscle or tendon and feel like used as a rope in a strong man competition. Pulled the muscle or tendon something like that but bleep hurts. Son going to get me some deep heat. Funny side is some of the dreams I have after fit, for some reason I was driving a fork lift truck this morning:lol:
  12. I deffo attract the loonies. Heard knock on door and expecting council pest control round just to confirm meeces have gone away and was just a one off. Anyhow hear this knock and two men standing there like last time and dog going mad. Took me a second to realise they were not the men from the council but bible bashers. What caught me off guard was the fact he had a large what looked like name badge with 'JESUS CHRIST' largely printed and some small print I had no hope of reading. For a split second I thought I had Mr Jesus christ at me door. They must have thought I sounded very keen, when I greeted them with hello again I was expecting you and then shut the door again.
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