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  1. Colour me unimpressed, although, sadly, not surprised. I've not heard a word from Lee, although I did get an email 'from the directors office', telling me the manufacturer has a backlog of codes to send (!) and that they'll put £20 on our phones, then refund it to a credit or debit card, so we can buy two new phones to use. I'm afraid I'll be sending my formal complaint, then taking them to court for the codes, and so we can be compensated for our time and all their faffing about
  2. At this point, I'll try anything! (Dancing naked round a big fire at midnight not included ) I'll email him with a link here now - and I sincerely hope he can help, because I just want to be able to actually use my phone for my business, and I can't at the moment. Thanks for the heads up
  3. Just over a year ago, hubby and I bought new handsets via Vodafone. We're now into free unlocking, anytime before the 12mth period was up, it would have cost us. We didn't particularly need good reception at home (which is just as well!), so we left it for the year. End of November, hubby rings to request unlock codes for both of our phones. He was told 72 hours. Rang back every week for two or three weeks, still no codes, back log in the system blah blah blah. Rang week four, told that the data was input incorrectly, it would be redone etc etc. Week fi
  4. Hi Has anyone got a few minutes to help please? Danoni is a friend of mine, and I recommended he post here about this as employment law is not an area I'm familiar with. Thank you
  5. So sorry you've had this on top of everything else. BT really are a bunch of braindead morons; our experience bears this out also. I can recommend you email the CEO. From what we've heard, he works 17hrs a day, 7 days a week. I got a response (a personal one, at that) within two hours, and I mailed him on a Sunday. ian.livingston@bt.com I hope that helps, and you can sort it to your satisfaction.
  6. I can recommend zonealarm too. The most useful feature, from my point of view (technophobe) is the fact that I choose what connects with the net. If I don't recognise it, it doesn't get access. It's also simple enough to unblock stuff too if you've blocked, for example, your anti virus updater (yeah, I did). I've found it to be a very useful tool in keeping my pc safe from nasties. Since this is a techy thread, I'll throw in a question of my own. If anyone has a few mins spare to answer it, I'd be very grateful. When I do a defrag, it tells me that it hasn't been able to defragment some f
  7. Lol, not a sea food fan then? No worse than eating cockles, or mussels or similar, I guess. Just a local equivalent. Must admit, sea food isn't really my thing, but it was the bugs that got me going. If the choice was bugs or starve to death, I'd have to think it over. And my own foot would be a consideration!
  8. Hehe. I wonder how many people who don't like the BNP's policies have actually read the BNP's policies? How can you comment on something you haven't read for yourself? Mind you, that's the attitude that got me to read the Lisbon constitution!
  9. As I said, I'm not a supporter - I won't support any political party; the system they work to is inherently corrupt and does nothing to serve those who elect them, only those who are elected. There have been charges against members in the past; there's been nothing very recently that I'm aware of. And there's the hell of a lot of media hysteria over alleged policies. I've been and looked at their website, not liking to trust hysterical journalists for information, and haven't been able to find anything too dreadful. I've certainly not seen anything about forced repatriation. I do think t
  10. Hmm. I didn't vote BNP. But I will confess that I've been chuckling at the totally hysterical over reaction of certain groups to the BNP getting a couple of MEP's. If you want to depose Nick Griffin and show people how dreadful the BNP are, then throwing eggs and saying silly things like 'Our free speech is good, BNP free speech is bad' really is not the way to go about it. Congratulations folks, you just became that which you claim to fight against. If you want to do somthing other than the BNP's press officers job, expose them. Get evidence, prove how dreadful they are. But at present, all t
  11. So far as I know, the most important thing is that you're not refusing to pay them back, so even if it does go to court, the fact that you've made a payment, have provided a repayment plan etc will go very very much in your favour. They would be very silly indeed if they refused your offer and most courts would see it that way. You're not avoiding your debt; you're being responsible about paying it back at a rate that won't see you starve or neglect your other obligations. I'm also pretty sure that no one is going to attach your wages; so far as I know, that's a last resort step for people who
  12. I'll go check out spotify I go between youtube, gotradio and my mp3's. We used to run our pub playlists off a dumb terminal on the bar, so we have loads of mp3's. I've got You're Lovely To Me by Lucky Jim and Bob Dylan's Buckets Of Rain stuck in my head just now; I like singing and I like learning new songs too, so they're getting played a lot, along with Battlefield Bands Kings Shilling and Erin Gra Ma Croi by Cherish The Ladies. I listen to a lot of different genres, depending on my mood at the time.
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