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  1. I've recently been suspended and the prospect of losing my job is making me regret one thing: not putting pennies aside for a rainy day. If you got any feeling at all they might put you on suspension, with a potential outcome of losing your job, start easing back on the ol' expenses because the last thing you'll want in the worst-case-scenario is to end up jobless with no savings. Not really an answer to your problem, but a fair suggestion none-the-less
  2. I agree with the way you feel it should of been dealt it. It really shouldn't have got to this point. Ask the question, find out why I did it, realise it wasn't cos I'm so desperate for £12.50 I'd risk my job (!!) and we'll all get on with our day! Nope, not orange and white, you got 2 more guesses! Consultant still hasn't been suspended. I assume because the current evidence points to me claiming his lead. So until the interview is done and I name drop him they can't look into his part in this. Also, manager told me Sunday when he suspended me that he had a day in which to get
  3. I was the only one suspended as it was me who claimed the lead which wasn't mine to claim. They are right with regards to that however there are things surrounding it which explain my actions. The line manager told me that I shouldn't have received the commission and it was down to the consultant to decide if he was going to acknowledge my help out of his own pocket or not. Claiming this lead which I shouldn't have was his idea as he didn't want to pay me out himself. The DIY retailer is a national chain and doesn't have blue and yellow signage (that doesn't leave many others to gu
  4. Afternoon, Today I was suspended for 'potential gross misconduct'. I work for a DIY retailer as part of their sales team. We take leads, we sell items, we claim commission. If you take the lead you're entitled to a commission even if you did not make the final sale. If you make the sale, then you get a higher % than you would have with just the lead. That lead is then empty unless someone has worked on the sale then that lead is given to them for working on it. Over a week ago a colleague closed a sale for a large bathroom order. I helped him out a great deal under the pret
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