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  1. Just to clarify, i need to be getting the employer to instruct CPP to cancel rather than "assisting with my appeal"?? Thanks
  2. Thanks EB. I have spoken to Head of Security, who is in charge of the scheme from the University side, and i work closely with. He has told me to bring in two forms of proof that i have paid (i.e. my pay slip, as it is deducted as a salary sacrifice, and a screenshot of the permit i hold for that vehicle), and he will be able to cancel it. Will report back with updates, but i wonder how many suckers have paid the charge when presented with it, given that it is probably not enforceable! Cheers all.
  3. Yes, they are a very large landowner. But thanks.
  4. I need to show the permit when i am parked in the non-ANPR car parks, but i don't believe it requires me to display it in this one. But yes, I was - i have copies in both cars. Thanks
  5. Hi all Been a while since i was last here, but i hope someone can advise. My employer, Warwick University, has recently built a new car park which has ANPR control. I pay a monthly fee for a permit to park in it (and any other car park on site). The online staff system allows us to have four vehicles registered on the system, but we have to identify which vehicle we use on any given day. I have fallen foul of this rule by taking my wife's car to work for one day (when i DID change the active vehicle), then switched back to mine and forgot to change the active vehicle back. I have now received a charge notice from CPP. I have a couple of questions:- 1. As i have paid for a permit for the right to park there, is this system enforceable? That is - i HAVE paid, just used a different car! 2. Can someone remind me of the time limits for ANPR PCNs to be issued? The event was 29/7/19 and the notice was issued on 1/8/19. Is this too soon under POFA? Did they get my details from my employer rather than DVLA, i wonder? NB: I can provide evidence that the active vehicle was elsewhere that day, so am not using the same permit twice. Thanks in advance. PS The signage says "Staff Permit Holders Only", and there are plenty of them, so i wouldn't consider challenging on this point.
  6. CCJs are generally only an issue if they get a default judgment against people who have stuck their heads in the sand and ignored court papers, or by "accidentally" using the wrong address for the defendant. Even if you lose in court (which is unlikely given other cases similar to yours), if you pay what the court tells you to within the required time, you won't get a CCJ nor will it affect your credit rating.
  7. So this clearly shows that you haven't read ANY of the other threads on here, or you would know that ericsbrother et al ALWAYS pick apart the PPCs' attempts to comply with POFA2012, just as in this case. Why do you think you are asked to post up pictures of the signage and the NTK? Answer: They almost ALWAYS fail to comply, and that, in the absence of anything else, could be grounds for your defence. They were lucky they got a judge who understands the law.
  8. Oh, and it's not a "legal loophole" - Excel simply failed to comply with statute law.
  9. "The judge had never come across that defence before"???? Really? At Manchester "Civil" Court (I presume they mean County)? Excel reckon they could have avoided it getting to court if the defendant had engaged with them earlier? That's alright then - all you defendants can write to Excel telling them they are engaging with them to stop it getting to court - drop the claim, please"
  10. Is that an indication of the pressure that all these fraudulent cases are putting on the courts system?
  11. I'll defer to the acknowledged experts on exactly what to put at this stage. They'll hopefully be along in a while to help out.
  12. Blimey, that's the second one today! Has someone with half a brain starting working for POPLA?
  13. How come BW Legal need to ask Excel for "evidence of the contravention"? Given that it was BW who issued the claim, they should have some idea, shouldn't they? Failure to respond to your CPR31 request wouldn't be part of your initial defence, but will be useful if they haven't sent the documents by the time it gets to court (or just before, when you write to the court to request a strike-out).
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