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  1. Goodnight vienna ;) Cabot have admitted there's no debt and as nothing is showing on my credit file (which I did email a PDF of them) a phone call from them account closed. Still iffy why they got my number in the first place but as they've admitted nothing is there nothing they can do
  2. SAR yep OK as I said the voicemail completely surprised me and the fact they got my number which no one knows. Got them by the nuts so I am certain this will be closed off soon enough. They should not have my current address as again as I said I only visit 1 place in england regularly and that won't be happening for a while (hint it's not in walsall)
  3. I guess. I assume they will send letters to that address I never been to IF I get any updates I'll be back in touch I guess. I mean not too bothered about any hassle I know how to deal with it easily. Hopefully be the end of it tomorrow
  4. Never been to walsall don't know anyone over there I mean flown over it probably but never set foot there. Apparently this debt with Cabot only exists today lol was a bit thinking... with the voicemail but they did confirm my name so apparently they have something on me but what though? and if this "account" exists why is it not showing on my credit report? I swear to god i've looked and looked (got the free one from credit karma and erm transfusion I think)? downloaded a PDF copy of it and absolutely nothing is showing
  5. Long time no post folks hopefully anyone can make sense of this cause I can't! I had a voicemail on my mobile earlier listened to it and found out it was Cabot. Funny thing is I changed my mobile number about roughly this time last year so how they got it I do not know for starters. I called them (foolish I know but I know how to deal with it) asked me to confirm my address. Took me a while but apparently it's a address in Walsall?! Funny thing is I live in Scotland and only visit a certain address in england twice a year (and it's not that alleged address) Cabot mentioned the company involved (apparently it's studio) I got on to them who confirmed that I "APPARENTLY" live at this address in walsall (which is a load of bull as I clearly do not) and also I did check my credit report and this alleged account is not on there not any mention of this apparent address so erm...............anyone have a clue here? Don't worry btw I won't be giving them any money for something that I have no knowledge of. Unsettles me though that they got a mobile number that only my contacts (family) have
  6. Weeks oh goody (can understand certain delays at the moment) I did get a invoice from easyjet which confirms I did pay with previous card (I know when I switched to santander from bank of scotland and was defo after I made my payment to easyjet) also got the proof that the payment was paid into the old bank of scotland closed account. It's a waiting game now I suppose to see when BOS will play ball
  7. Who should be contacting me? out of curiosity? Honest to god if I'd known it be so much hassle i'd never have changed banks or anything
  8. I do know that the login for the online of the closed account is suspended and I don't even have the card to that account now (if I did i'd go check it) that's what gonna make this harder. I'm sure one way or the other I will get without a mininum of fuiss...............(I hope)!
  9. It was a basic account with no overdraft available so that's not a issue
  10. I have requested that Easyjet send me the proof of the original receipt too as a backup incase of issues with other bank (if that would help)
  11. I've contacted the original bank. HOPING I do get this back. Let people know I guess.
  12. I did inform easyjet that the original account I made the payment with is closed and was told that the payment would be made in 14 days. Apparently it has but not showing up (and as I am no longer with the original bank I made the original payment with got no idea) This is the response I got: Dear I believe there might be some slight misunderstanding which I am happy to clarify for you. After receiving an update from our finance team, I can confirm that we have already provided a full refund to your original method of payment. As you stated, this account is no longer valid, however for obvious security reasons we are obligated to make all refunds initially to the original method of payment, this ensures unauthorised activities are avoided, which I am certain you wish for as much as we do. Even if the Card/Bank account is blocked, closed or cancelled, if the refund is issued on a card, then the relevant bank is liable to refund you the money into an active bank account. Typically such transactions are flagged to the corresponding bank operators and they will confirm with you once received that they will refund you the amount manually. If you are banking with the same bank on a different bank account this will be done automatically. If you are now banking with an entirely different bank, then the initial bank will contact you to obtain new banking details to process the payment. This is their responsibility and we have never had any issues for any bank to do so in the past. As such I can confirm that from an easyJet end, the refund has been fully and duly processed.
  13. Rneed bit of help here. like quite a few people my flight with easyjet was cancelled. Took a complete age but did get assured of a refund. refund you'd think there you go. Just 1 thing though. I changed bank accounts (for reasons) the original account I paid for the original flights is no longer valid/closed. Easyjet have said they repaid me but to the original account? (I can copy a email I got while editing out some details if need be)
  14. That's exactly what I thought. I would say this is dead in the water (explained that to her)
  15. OK found out a bit more. The bank has been contacted and "Apparently" the last payment was made on the date the default was issued. I not sure about much but even I know that's not possible
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