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  1. That's exactly what I thought. I would say this is dead in the water (explained that to her)
  2. OK found out a bit more. The bank has been contacted and "Apparently" the last payment was made on the date the default was issued. I not sure about much but even I know that's not possible
  3. Sorry clueless. Just seen (I know I know not with it) I'll pass that on
  4. Sorry confused. Action post? (where abouts)? I thought as soon as the default date was reached means unenforcable?
  5. To update (closure) I told my other half to stall them. She did. Lowell have closed the account (she was going to do a DRO told her not to) Also got told today that Crap bot (you know who I mean) have started calling but the letter from lowell also stated that the default was May 25th 2012 (that's when it was registered) so only a few more months of stalling and that's that
  6. I knew she shouldn't have admitted or adknowledged wish she had spoke to me first before jumping the gun! OK she's going to go down the CCA route for him (the next step I guess)
  7. I trying to explain to all of this to her now (sent her that attachment on that page you showed me) only issue is I did ask if her brother has a bank card and he doesn't have one at all so he can't register (Noddle so forth) if he could find out that he would have a clearer idea but lack of a bank card bit of a issue she's saying she's already sent that exact form off I was linked to and a income and expenditure form (she ticked box F she said) needing time to pay and a proposal for repayment
  8. Not made it very clear have I? What she's not sure about is the last payment made (seems to be the sticking point) I'm requesting a pic of the whole letter so I can see exactly what it's saying She doesn't want to send me the whole letter (great trust after 7 years) but on the front she says it's saying letter of claim (I can upload some sort of pic of the bit she's prepared to send me)
  9. I'm doing this on behalf of my other half (she's not on here) and if you have to move feel free Now I don't know the exact history of the account but her brother had a credit card (at least I think it was) Lowell have constantly been on the phone to them telephone harrassment bla bla the usual drill their solicitors (the so called solicitors) sent a letter apparently saying they we're going to go for a CCJ (but not sure if that's just a theratogram) the few other problems the person getting harrassed by them does have special needs (which won't be curable obviously) my other half went to the bank today and did find out that the account was closed on lloyd's end May 2012 so the last payment was god knows when also she said (I not sure) she said she signed a waiver last week apparently adknowledging the debt (which at the moment stands at 2376.32) The family don't have a lot of money so they would not be able to offer lowell a great deal per month (the account was sold on to them and lloyd's not taking anything to do with it)
  10. The fly buggers did get back to me (I didn't respond to anything) said that the matter was closed and returned to the client.......................whoever the client was lol honestly perplexed
  11. Should have really. The company seems legit whoever they are but got no idea. Just ignore it I guess
  12. Anyone heard from this lot? (No idea what it about obviously and not replied) and obviously won't be stupid enough to phone them either btw name been edited Dear j_semple Our Reference: 5424/97692 We have been instructed with regard to this account and have been provided with this email address for you for the purposes of communication. If this is not the correct email address for you, or if you do not wish us to communicate with you by email then please contact us by telephone on 0844 858 8888. This email is automatically generated, please do not reply by email OperationsTeam External Email Account Email: [email protected] Telephone: http://www.legalrecoveries.com
  13. That was years ago I was stupid enough to be fleeced I mean that's the only possible thing I could think of but not going to chase 3 for it. Didn't expect that email this morning tbh but once I told them I wasn't giving them any info they've gave up effectively (well returned it) 4 hours though not bad going for me I await any possible next episode
  14. Was a three account that was cleared off (Never received any final bill from them) and the account on my credit file is also marked as closed/settled No payments have been taken from my account since March that I know of and not once did I receive any sort of final bill (if I did owe any money which I highly doubt likely it be in double figures only) UNLESS only thing I can think of was it was to do with something from them years ago but worked out a 90% off with Lowell for that
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