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  1. Weeks oh goody (can understand certain delays at the moment) I did get a invoice from easyjet which confirms I did pay with previous card (I know when I switched to santander from bank of scotland and was defo after I made my payment to easyjet) also got the proof that the payment was paid into the old bank of scotland closed account. It's a waiting game now I suppose to see when BOS will play ball
  2. Who should be contacting me? out of curiosity? Honest to god if I'd known it be so much hassle i'd never have changed banks or anything
  3. I do know that the login for the online of the closed account is suspended and I don't even have the card to that account now (if I did i'd go check it) that's what gonna make this harder. I'm sure one way or the other I will get without a mininum of fuiss...............(I hope)!
  4. It was a basic account with no overdraft available so that's not a issue
  5. I have requested that Easyjet send me the proof of the original receipt too as a backup incase of issues with other bank (if that would help)
  6. I've contacted the original bank. HOPING I do get this back. Let people know I guess.
  7. I did inform easyjet that the original account I made the payment with is closed and was told that the payment would be made in 14 days. Apparently it has but not showing up (and as I am no longer with the original bank I made the original payment with got no idea) This is the response I got: Dear I believe there might be some slight misunderstanding which I am happy to clarify for you. After receiving an update from our finance team, I can confirm that we have already provided a full refund to your original method of payment. As you state
  8. Rneed bit of help here. like quite a few people my flight with easyjet was cancelled. Took a complete age but did get assured of a refund. refund you'd think there you go. Just 1 thing though. I changed bank accounts (for reasons) the original account I paid for the original flights is no longer valid/closed. Easyjet have said they repaid me but to the original account? (I can copy a email I got while editing out some details if need be)
  9. That's exactly what I thought. I would say this is dead in the water (explained that to her)
  10. OK found out a bit more. The bank has been contacted and "Apparently" the last payment was made on the date the default was issued. I not sure about much but even I know that's not possible
  11. Sorry clueless. Just seen (I know I know not with it) I'll pass that on
  12. Sorry confused. Action post? (where abouts)? I thought as soon as the default date was reached means unenforcable?
  13. To update (closure) I told my other half to stall them. She did. Lowell have closed the account (she was going to do a DRO told her not to) Also got told today that Crap bot (you know who I mean) have started calling but the letter from lowell also stated that the default was May 25th 2012 (that's when it was registered) so only a few more months of stalling and that's that
  14. I knew she shouldn't have admitted or adknowledged wish she had spoke to me first before jumping the gun! OK she's going to go down the CCA route for him (the next step I guess)
  15. I trying to explain to all of this to her now (sent her that attachment on that page you showed me) only issue is I did ask if her brother has a bank card and he doesn't have one at all so he can't register (Noddle so forth) if he could find out that he would have a clearer idea but lack of a bank card bit of a issue she's saying she's already sent that exact form off I was linked to and a income and expenditure form (she ticked box F she said) needing time to pay and a proposal for repayment
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