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  1. Hi do you think this would work with provident if people are constantly renewing their loans before they paid off so as soon as they get to a point to renew they will and also borrow over longer periods and bigger amounts if so could u advise on what u done to help please x
  2. Exactly same here especially if it's marked down as satisfied aswell
  3. Hi so all these threats that they already been fined for they still doing and getting away with it are nonsense. I.ve received the same emails as others and same with me on credit file default and then closed as satisfied . So if it's been marked as satisfied can it be put back on credit file as not paid again mine was with cfo thanks
  4. I found that weird aswell of it was a unpaid Ccj I thought they would of had letters before now from court . Thanks f9r the info aswell
  5. Hi helping a friend out not sure on much mind . She's received a letter asking to pay a reduced amount off a debt she don't know what's it for. But states she was taken to court in December 2008 and not paid it I gather as it was for just over 200 now it's 300+ due to court fees. She moved during this month so not got a clue about any of it first time she knew when she opened the letter. as it's gone 6yrs does she still pay it plus she has no Ccj on her name as check her credit report regular.
  6. Hi sent of the reply they tried to fight at first and wanting me to settle with them. I refused point blank and told them unless I have everything I have asked for I will go to court . They replied and said they will wait for the court to tell them to give me the information I asked for. today I got a letter saying they give me notice of discontinue of claim against me . So we'll done for helping me and thanks x
  7. Ok solicitor said they will get all the info i requested not heard back yet about that so how do i fill my defence out..
  8. That i did not know thanks for telling me will start putting money aside now incase i lose x
  9. whats my chances of winning this i have imformed them i.m fighting it as dont want a ccj on my name Hi i have logged online and have filled the form out and acknowledged of service said i.m defending the whole claim. I will now send the other thing to the solicitor asking for proof etc thanks again.
  10. It has their address and a stamp but not a real stamp its a photo copy if u know what i mean . The address is county court business centre . 4thfloor st katherines house. 21-27 st katharines street . Northampton. Nn1 2lh. 0300 123 1056
  11. Ok claimant is: jc international acquistion LLC. 16 Mcleland road. St cloud. Minnesota. Usa. 56303.. address and solicitor. James devane. moriarty law. 15 old bailey. London ec4m 7ef. 0203 126 4544. The claim is for talk talk which is now due and payable i agreed to pay monthly instalments but failed to do so. 280.60 plis a year interest plus court costs now 388.05
  12. How can i get a copy up as only got my phone its a s6 not got a clue how to post pics on here How do i do this on my phone its a s6 no computer
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