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  1. Hi all, I have received some great help here in the past and was wondering if anyone could assist me with this issue. I have just received a "Notice of Enforcement" from Newlyn's dated 12/03/2024. The Enforcement details box just states " Magistrates Liability Order dated 19/02/2015 for non - payment of council tax 31/03/2015 and nothing else and it's not clear what year it is even for. I have to assume 2015. I've attached a copy. I lived in this property from late 2015 to June 2020 and paid all my council tax on a monthly basis and have no knowledge of these arrears or even this Liability Order. I have lived in my current property since June 2020 and have never received anything other than this enforcement notification today, nine years after it was obtained. The council on the order were notified when I changed council tax accounts, in May 2020, as well as when and where I was moving too. At no point did they contact me to advise or even ask for these council tax arrears. In fact I've received nothing from them at my new address. I've read up on Liability Orders and believe they have no time limit and are not covered by the 6 year rule, I'm just wondering if this is correct? Also, that I had 21 days from the Order to appeal, but having no knowledge of this in 2015, is it too late to now appeal? It's not to clear from what I've read. They've given me until 26/03/24 to deal with this, which surely is not right after nine years. Thanks for any help or assistance given here. Order.pdf
  2. I just wanted to provide a final update to this (I hope) since my last post in September 22. I had not heard anything from the court since I got the notification from my local court in early September 22 regarding the "General Form of Judgment Order" to the claimants requesting they properly serve a particulars of claim to me by 4pm on 21/09/22. That was until 24/03/2023 when I received notification that my claim had been accepted onto the small claims track and a hearing had been scheduled for early June 23. on the same date I also received a copy of a further "General Form of Judgment Order” ordering the claimants to comply with Para 1 of the order dated 22/09/22. On 31/03/23 I then received another bundle form Overdales advising it was in response to the Orders from the court dated 22/09/22 and 24/03/23. From what I can tell, this bundle was the same as the previous bundle and included no further documentation relating to the loan. Today I received notification from Overdales that their client “Lowell” had instructed them to discontinue with the claim and enclosed a copy of the “Notice of Discontinuance” sent to the court. I’m assuming this was due to my local court issuing a "General Form of Judgment Order" which they were unable to comply with. Either way, I’m hoping this is the end of this. I just wanted to express a massive thank you for the help and assistance I received from this site over the last 14 months especially Andyorch and dx100uk. I believe the defence I submitted resulted in the Orders from the court and definitely contributed to the court asking the claimants for further details, which, by the looks of it, they were unable to comply with. I would not have been able to submit this defence without their assistance. Thank you.
  3. Hi, I just wanted to update this thread, as it is still ongoing and may assist others, as I received a lot of help here when I first got notified I was being taken to country court. I filed my DQ stating I was happy to go for mediation in May 22 and my case was transferred to my local court in July 22. I got notification from my local court in early September 22 that they had issued a "General Form of Judgment Order" to the claimants requesting they properly serve a particulars of claim to me by 4pm on 21/09/22. I did not receive these updated particulars of claim until 26/09/22 and they were dated 15/09/22. However, I advised the court via email on 22/09/22 that I had not received these documents and when I spoke to the court on this same date, they had also not received any copies. The new particulars of claim do not really provide any updates, other than a copy of my signed loan agreement dated 2005, which include my monthly payments and direct debit mandate. There are still 3 years of missing payments. I was initially not going to respond to these new particulars of claim, as they were not filed to me on time. However, writing this update now, I'm thinking should I, and again challenge the missing payments, or just wait for mediation, when it happens? I will keep this thread updated when things happen. Thanks
  4. OK, N180 filed with court and Overdales. Understanding the process a little better now, I don't think overdales have filed a N180 as yet and have until Monday. So will keep you updated. Many thanks for your help
  5. I'm about to submit the N180 and just wanted to confirm I've read everything correctly. When completing the N180 I should tick that I agree that the small claims track is the appropriate track for this case. I can then continue with my defence at the hearing? There is the option to have it referred to the small claims medium service, which I intend to tick no. Or should I also tick yes to this? I just want to make sure i'm filing this correctly. Thank for your help.
  6. Thanks for your replies. Ok, I was confused and will read up on this a bit more and complete to online portal and continue to dispute the claim. Re the Credit Agreement, it wasn't signed in person, it was done through the postal system. The bank signed it on 03/05/2005 and I signed it on 06/05/05. i believe the stamp on the top dated 07/05/05 is the date received through the post by Lloyds TSB. I'm just wondering if there is anything in the credit agreement which may assist me in my defence through the court? I was also wondering, as this is a Lloyds TSB loan facilitated by Loans Direct, should I have received notification when Lloyds TSB split, which was in 2013 when my account had been in default for some years, and that it was now a Lloyds account?
  7. I thought I'd provide an update to this, but also ask for a bit more advice. I've had a few documents in response to my defence and 31.14 request sent in Feb 22. However, Overdales have not fully replied to either. They have provided a copy of the credit agreement, which I've attached. But not a copy of the default notice or full statement of payments showing how the balance due is calculated or owed. However, today I received a "Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claim Track" which i've also attached, and am a little confused and concerned by. I was under the impression they couldn't proceed unless they'd fully replied to the 31.14 or my defence. I intend to reject this proposal, but am wondering where that leaves me with the court? Could I still get a CCJ despite this.? Also, i've read lots on here about credit agreements etc. especially pre 2007, which mine is. I was wandering if anyone could provide some advice on the attached agreement? It states at the top that it is a non cancellation letter loan agreement. My understanding was that there had to be a 14 day cooling off period. Again, having read some posts and this being pre 2007, is this classed as acceptable? Any advice on this, as always, is greatly appreciated. New claim.pdf Thanks $ PAGES AGREEMENT.pdf
  8. Yes, i moved June 2020. They also seem to have missed out part of my address at my old property, which is probably why I never received anything and assumed it'd been written off. it wasn't until I moved they've started to write to me in the last 6 months.
  9. Yes, that's a good point. Especially as I now know the westcott payments were for the Lloyd's loan, so won't be awakening any old debt. I'm wondering if it would be worth sending a SAR, as it took lots of calls to Lloyd's and being passed about for days before I actually spoke to anyone, that could help. Also, it may assist me cross matching it agaianst my scheduleof payments, if it'sever sent to me.
  10. Hi Dx, Yes, I think I was confused at the beginning because, as it was Lowell who had taken the court action for the Lloyds Loan, i naturally just assumed the £15 per month I was paying back in 2017 to Lowell was for this loan. it wasn't until this week, when I found an old financial declaration I made in 2011, that the £15 payments to Lowell were actually for a Capital one CC and in fact the £30 payments I was making to Westcott were in fact for the Lloyds loan. This then made sense, because Lowell acquired the Lloyds Loan from Lloyds in June 2018. Overdales also confirmed to me yesterday that I had been making payments against the loan via Westcott. They also stated that the defaulted balance of the loan was around £9k, but got confused over the phone and i'm still awaiting this information in a formal response to my 31.14. it is possible the £30's have been credited which is why the balance is now around £8k, but they cannot formally confirm the actual defaulted balance, so until they do, I've got to assume that not all the £30 have been credited to the loan. To be honest, I really didn't understand the assignment of a loan and the other legal requirements around consumer credit, until I received the CCJ claim form and asked for advice on this forum, which i've really appreciated . I realise I have been naïve and foolish in not keeping proper records and thinking that the debts were so old and, as I'd not heard about them in years, that they had just been written off. But I am adamant that the Lloyds Loan was subject to a CCJ because it was the only one i've ever had and had an impact on me at the time. I also state that the Lloyds Loan was subject to a CCJ in my declaration dated 2011, which is when it would have still been on my credit file. Hopefully that makes a bit more sense. Andyorch and DX, Thank you both so much for your help with this, I'm so grateful, as I wouldn't have known where to start my defence or about CPR 31.14 etc. I've submitted my defence and now await a response I'll keep you updated with any further correspondence. Many thanks
  11. Hi Andyorch, Thank you, Yes, it reads a lot better and I am happy with the amendments made. I will formally write it up and add the required declaration of it being a true and accurate account etc. If it's ok can I post it here for you to review before I formally submit it online? Many thanks
  12. Hi dx, The attachment to Andyorch's last post asked what the total value of the claim was, so I just broke it down in my last post.
  13. Thanks Andyorch. So the POC show the following: - Amount claimed: £8,154.01 Court fee: £455.00 Legal Representative's costs £100.00 Total amount: £8,709.01 Thanks
  14. Hi dx, These are the two Notice of Assignment letters I received. Both dated the same date and under the same Lloyds loan account number. Hopefully they've uploaded ok. They were sent with only a partial address and missed off the first line, so it's highly likely they were not received by me. Just for clarification, when I spoke to Overdales today, I queried the statement balance of £8,974, which I was given during my previous days telephone call with them, as the court claim was for £8,154. It was at this point they advised me that Lloyds had also sold them the Overdraft of approx. £870. I've never paid anything against this OD since it defaulted in 2007/8. I can confirm I did make payment's towards the loan. Many thanks LOA1.pdf LOA2.pdf
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