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  1. Please read this first about Swift Money before you apply for a loan with them. I am going to include a copy of my emails and their replies to them. They barred me from applying to any more loans for making a query or posting a comment about their policies. You will see from their replies that they act like a dictator in the way they run their business and give no thought to any of their customers. They charge £25 for a same day advance even though the banks offer it for free nowadays under the faster payment system which every other payday loan company use. They are a complete rip off so
  2. My main concern with them is why charge £25 for a transfer fee using faster payment when it's actually free to use by the banks now and is the only method available for same day payments unless you specify payment on a different date then it goes under BACS. So, why charge £25 which i find to be a substantial amount to charge for a free transfer. If you still want to rip customers off then at least charge a minor £5 which is easier to swallow. I urge Swift Money to look into their transfer fee policy which they charge you interest on and consider it as part of the loan as well which
  3. This is from the Halifax Bank.
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