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  1. Hi Andyorch We will await the Notice of Allocation and see where we go from there, thank you for your advice and help. I will let you know what happens.
  2. Hi Andyorch Do we contact them, as they have directed us to or do we wait for the mediation to begin? What ever happens the offer will not be much different, my son can now provide around £600 as a lump sum, but we think they are unlikely to accept that and just go to court. But the most we could realistically afford with all our other debts is around £10-£15 per month, but it would take a lifetime to clear (as we are in our 50s)
  3. Hi Andyorch Sorry for appearing stupid but what exactly does that mean? Both we and HC (apparently) had agreed to go to mediation
  4. Hi Andyorch Yes we did complete the N9A I have now attached that also. It's hard to admit but we already have 3 active CCJs against us.
  5. Hi DX I partially admitted the debt, in so much as I raised the issue of penalty charges and interest. We did complete the N9 forms which are attached.
  6. Hi guys I am after some advice, I current have Howard Cohen chasing a Santander/Abbey overdraft. I served a defence to Northampton and have recently filled in a Direction Questionnaire, I have now received documentation from HC which indicates that they have agreed to go to mediation. However in a separate letter delivered at the same time and dated the same as their confirmation of the Claimants Direction Questionnaire, they have stated in this separate letter as follows: We refer to the defence you have filed in the above matter. Please find enclosed the following documentation: Copy of Bank Account Contract with terms and conditions (these are actually Abbey T&Cs from 2000) Transaction list (from December 2008) Notice of Assignments As the above confirms your existing liability, we confirm that our client will consider any reasonable offer to discharge the debt claimed in these proceedings. Please contact this office to discuss any such proposals accordingly, alternatively fill in the attached form a nd submit your proposals in writing within 14 days from the above date (30th November 2015). Should no reply be forthcoming by the above stated deadline, then we will have been instructed to seek an or that judgment be entered against you for all monies claimed in these proceeding along with any additional coast in seeking judgement. Further we reserve the right to exhibit this letter to the Court if so required. My questions are as follows: 1) As I have already completed an income/expenditure on the original reply to the court - Do I have to do this again, and should they be asking for it? 2) As we and they have agreed that the case should be referred to the small claims Mediation Service - Can they force the 14 day deadline on me, change their mind about mediation and go straight to the court? 3) The claim is for over 7K, but has over 2.5K in interest and penalty charges (just from 2008, not since 2000!) - should these be disputed? Thanks in anticipation
  7. Andy Thanks for coming back to us, the problem is we can't establish who we had the contract with. Are we right to assume that it is the company that took the booking and the money?
  8. I know you are all very busy so I will summarise, booked a holiday - it was a complete disaster, have complained to no avail. I now want to claim through the small claims court however the on line company I booked with say they are not the supplier and an alledged supplier say we have no contract with them our contract was with the hotel and they merely facilitated that contract!! Can I name both companies on my claim and let a DJ sort it out?
  9. Rex et al We have around 90 photographs of the site, we also have a number of receipts to show the average cost of having to eat out. My problem is we booked through Sunmaster, they say they are on the agent and On Holiday Group are the provider. On Holiday Group say they are a hotel booking agent and we don't have a contract with them either! All our documents were taken off us by various representatives at the holiday during our daily 'comp[laint meeting' with various staff. The only number we had to contact in the UK was Sunmaster as my wife still had thier number on her mobile phone, we rand them (mobile records support this) and they said they would gewt a 'manager' to ring us back. This never happened and now On Holiday Group is saying we didn't contact them so we've broken our terms and conditions. The act of taking documents now seems to be a well versed tactic of the hotel. My problem is who do I take to court? Sunmaster or On Holiday group? or can I cited both of them together one the one claim form?
  10. Guys I have looked a round the site and can't find a relevant thread to post this question. Sorry if it's in the wrong place. My family and I booked a holiday with a company, which turned out to be a disaster, we tried to get the hotel to resolve matters, it didn't. We then raised a complaint when we came home there was a offer of a refund of £500, which we declined. The holiday provider stated they would speak to others and come back to us, they have since refused to acknowledge any correspondence. Can we claim through the small claims court for £3371, the total cost of the holiday, if so hopw do we go about it? Does all the evidence paperwork have to be submitted via MCOL?
  11. Here is the latest offering, by email: "We note that we have not heard from you in response to our earlier communications. Your file is shortly scheduled to be transferred to one of our Home Visit Divisions. We are happy to try to resolve this matter without conducting a Doorstep Visit and would ask you to contact us by telephone or email to discuss repayment terms. Please note that if we do not hear from you, then you will be visited to assess your personal circumstances with a view to passing your account to our Legal Department. We would, lastly, advise that if you are able to make a lump sum settlement offer, then we would be willing to allow a 25% discount on the outstanding balance and to waive the default costs and interest that have not yet been added to your account balance" They have been told in writing to stay away and in this missive they have admitted that they are going to add default costs and interest if I do not take up their kind offer!!!
  12. I wrote to Mr Sands regarding telephone harrassment and the fact that MMF rang my work a nd told the switchboard operator I was in debt and that was why they were trying to contact me and could they pass on to me that 'Mike' (the phantom collector) was going to be calling at my house! Mr Sands wrote back to say he would review my complaint and would replywithin 50 days. That was 138 days ago!!!
  13. Andy/team I will ensure that I make a donation of GBP20 within the next week or two. I know it may not be much but it is a huge percentage of what I have! There was one comment made during the mediation which was quite worrying, I would not wish to publish it publically for fear of worrying others but If I can PM one of you I will pass the details
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