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  1. Few more letters since, no substantial change. Now got one offering me a settlement of "up to 20%"..."depending on my financial circumstances". Ah, so I'd need to contact you, give you loads of personal details (as you've been trying to get me to do for months) only to be told that you want the full amount and now know a hell of a lot more about me. Hmmm... Tough one...
  2. So, an interesting twist. As about to leave to take my kids to school my mobile rang. Mobile number I didn't recognize so ignored. Previously I'd blocked Capquest's landline on my mobile. Seconds after it stopped ringing, my landline went (they hadn't called that before afaik). Picked up and conversation went a bit like this: Me: Hello? Silence for a few seconds... Cq: Hello? Me: Yes, you called me. Cq: Can I speak to Me: Speaking Cq: This is Capquest. For security reasons can I ask you to confirm your postcode? Me: Oh, you're the ones that have been spamming me with strange texts and letters recently? Cq: We've been trying to contact you... Me: Well, please conduct all further communications in writing. Cq: We've sent letters but you haven't contacted us in return. Me: That's because your letters have not contained any information indicating why you have the right to be making the requests or any detailed information about the subject in question. So if you write to me with full details of the request and your authority to make it then I will be in a position to decide whether to respond, but everything received to date has simply been requests to contact you with no detailed context supplied so I have treated them as such. All further communications by post please. Cq: Me: OK, we're done here, goodbye. Voicemail on my mobile was an automated message from them as well.
  3. So. I've now received three text messages from them, all from different numbers (they've obviously dug my number up from somewhere!) and two missed calls, no voicemail, from their office (number now blocked) along with a chasing letter. All in the last 2 weeks. Is there any benefit to trying a cease and desist approach or should I continue to leave well alone? Temptation to slap them down is strong but they are angling for me to make contact, so may not be wise. .. Advice welcomed.
  4. My thoughts exactly. You gave the same advice back then and it proved to be extremely effective
  5. Looking back I've realised it's just over a year since the last contact! Guess it's "new financial year spring clean time"
  6. Letters received today. Apparently erudio have passed it on to Capquest. Capquest; "please contact us". Interestingly both letters arrived simultaneously, both with identical envelopes and both envelopes with identical return addresses. Ho hum, starting again.
  7. Been really quiet here for the last 6 months. Zero contact for ages. It almost makes me miss them... Almost
  8. Just thought I'd update as I hate threads that just stop without conclusion. The update is: nothing. Still waiting, nothing received. Won't hold my breath that they've given up, in fact posting this probably means I'll get something tomorrow Trust me that if anything happens I'll post so silence means that I'm still safe from threats!
  9. Mind you, it's only being "reviewed" for a home visit, so no panic after all! ;-)
  10. That's shocking. You can see exactly how someone would feel threatened into just paying up. Not daring to say bailiffs add you point out but trying to push that button for those that are already scared. Can't wait to see what my next one is now. Will df lower themselves to this level I wonder?
  11. Agreed. TBH it took me until I got the SAR response from SLC before I actually knew any details about the CCJ (or even had any evidence that it existed and was related to the loan). Even then it's primarily just evidence that they were granted a CCJ (the ref number is probably in there somewhere but I still don't have a copy of the judgement anywhere). I'm more curious at this stage about what they will try next. I have not responded to them since I told them I was submitting a SAR to SLC, which was many months ago now. I'm going to follow this path on dx's advice until I see something in writing that suggests there is something worth spending time and effort on. .. as I, you, dx and others from various threads suggest, there is nothing they can do now anyway, but I shall update with the next instalment as it comes in
  12. Just to let you know, I am in a similar position; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?430125-drydens-93-SLC-loan-with-old-CCJ-14-years-no-contact In my case, despite having address updates (I was living in Dublin at the time) the SLC got a CCJ against me. I only found this out quite recently. In my case I have drydensfairfax chasing me on behalf of Erudio and it's in a similar state. After submitting a SAR to SLC and informing me of such they went quiet for a bit, then recently sent me a letter asking me to fill in an Incomes/Expenses report. Ignored that and today received another letter saying that I have until early next week to respond otherwise they "may" take action. I stopped responding to them a while back. Until they decide they're actually going to try and take action, there is nothing they can do. IF they are stupid enough to try and take action, then they are unable to enforce anything anyway, so I'll do something then. In the meantime I await their letters with interest to see what they are going to try next. If they're on schedule I should get something later next week, but I suspect it will be another long wait until the next instalment! They are right though; Ignoring the debt won't make it go away. However, if absolutely nobody has the power to enforce repayment of that debt any more due to years of incompetency, then what is the difference in reality?
  13. Latest letter today stating that they note I have not responded to the previous financial statement. Giving me until 23rd March to respond otherwise they "will have no alternative but to recommence steps to recover the full balance owed to our client." Guess I'll expect to see another letter in about a week then...
  14. Yep. That's it. Along with copies of payslips, bank statements, proof of benefits etc. Stupidly 2 days ago I was thinking that I hadn't heard anything in a while. That was when they posted it! That'll teach me
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