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  1. May be of interest http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2050878/Facebook-Twitter-debt-collecting-banned-causes-stress.html
  2. Najib Nathoo, chief executive, 1st Credit Since the last Credit 100 list was published, debt buyer 1st Credit has been through the mill, suffering immense negative publicity when it had restrictions imposed on it by the Office of Fair Trading in February. The company was accused of threatening legal action when it was unlikely that route would be taken, and was warned about dealing appropriately with sensitive cases involving vulnerable individuals. Not an easy first year as chief executive for Nathoo, who has been forced to rethink the way 1st Credit operates. It remains to be seen how the company will bounce back in 2010. You have to have sympathy, don't you? Ho Ho Ho
  3. Eighty complaints and rising. Kettling or unlawful detention. The Constable and Sargent are going to become sacrifices to the new order, perhaps? What a situation, can't wait for the next protest.
  4. - put more surveillance cameras in your town If cctv cameras were the size of the eastern bloc observation towers, people may have felt and reacted differently to the growing invasion into their lives.
  5. Also Quoted That was a cowardly criminal assault. Just remember - next time they : - put more surveillance cameras in your town - monitor your emails and web use - store your DNA - pass laws removing haebeus corpus - film you on a demonstration - stop and search you on the street - force you to carry an id card - mointor your vehicle's movements around the country - just remember - "YOU'VE NOTHING TO FEAR IF YOU'VE DONE NOTHING WRONG" Bo88ocks, isn't it? Wake up - they rule by violence or the threat of violence. You're only free to do exactly what you're told. We've come a long way since Blair Peach, 30 years ago in two weeks. This time the cameras were on but the reaction of the perp is the same.
  6. Ian Tomlinson death: G20 police assault revealed in video | UK news | guardian.co.uk Heres more What can you say to an upholder of the law that justifies being struck and pushed from behind? Freedom of speech MA
  7. Answers on a post card to: Jacqui Smith The Home Secretary House of Commons London SW1A 0AA Video of police assault on Ian Tomlinson, who died at G20 protest | UK news | guardian.co.uk I am sure if you have any other spare videos her husband would appreciate them.
  8. I don't seem to be able to upload the ad but at £240 a ticket i'm sure they are all gone.. Anyway its on the 14th May 2009 at the Grosvenor House, Park Lane. The dinners only £4.99 the rest is for security
  9. Has this happened to anyone else? Cost me £1.14 to pick it up.
  10. Thanks cebrusalert Its made my day reading that. I'll send Alan a box of hankies and a sympathy card :D:D:D Breaks your heart doesn't it?
  11. Purely and simply RWC and their Schizoid threat machine are up to their usual tricks. Keep all correspondence and report them to Trading Standards.
  12. OH well They are always storming off claiming that it isn't fair and its their ball.
  13. Charley and Harry have had the finest education available, paid for by all of us. I would have expected both of them to know how to behave regardless of context. Racist jibes or not they should be role models showing leadership and respect for everyone in all circumstances. How can I pull up my kids for calling someone Paki or Sooty (Which I hope I will never have to because I have educated them otherwise) When this pair of underworked, overprivilleged, alleged dog beaters do as they like and the majority of people seem to think that as they are "friends" its ok. For these "friends" to complain would have been difficult when applying for promotions or next years polo club membership. Power brings responsibility. Not the right to do as you bl**dy well like!
  14. Jacksd Was the original SD set aside on this one? When was the last time a payment was made on the account?
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