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  1. Thanks Loobyloo, yeah i have already given them the OR number and rung them to say i`m still being chased,stupid really as i don`t see what they hope to achieve still sending me arrears letters and that i have to make a payments.They have also sent me a letter stating payments due after my date of bankruptcy even though these arrears payments relate to the whole amount that was included in the bankruptcy.
  2. thanks Dodgy Geezer, thats a long time for them to hold on,i have now changed the telephone number to the OR office,as he did tell me that if i had any problems just to give them his number. But i will see what happens re the complaint i have made to studio,as they have now been informed by phone e-mail and registered letter.Recieved another letter today from them,if they continue then i can take legal action against them.
  3. 382.— “Bankruptcy debt”, etc. (1) “Bankruptcy debt”, in relation to a bankrupt, means (subject to the next subsection) any of the following— (a) any debt or liability to which he is subject at the commencement of the bankruptcy, (b) any debt or liability to which he may become subject after the commencement of the bankruptcy (including after his discharge from bankruptcy) by reason of any obligation incurred before the commencement of the bankruptcy, © any amount specified in pursuance of section 39(3)© of the Powers of Criminal Courts Act 1973 in any criminal bankruptcy order
  4. Lol,i did think about changing the number i was going to put the OR number so he gets the 3-4 calls each day.
  5. I was hoping for a little advice,i have recently declared bankrutcy,and studio cards are still chasing me,i have sent a registered letter informing them of this with a copy of court order and my OR details, and obtained a copy of the signture of person who signed at studio so i know they have received it,plus i have e-mailed them the same info and also told them over the phone and my OR has also written to them,but still they continue to call, now i don`t pick up the phone. my question is who do i complain to regarding this, Trading standards or FOS,i have complained to studio about their acti
  6. Hi Wintry, and thanks the total debt is about 13,000 i don`t qualify for DRO,very very few people do,as i recieve carers allowance which for these purposes counts as income,i have no assets and am a social tenant,all i have been doing is services the debts and making no impact on the actually debts for about 3 years now.None of the debts have gone to court,but inorder to service the debts i am having to pay with money from sons disability payments and therefore it is impacting on him which it shouldn`t be,can the courts refuse a BR order and do i stop payments to my creditors? Thanks for y
  7. hi there can someone help re way of advise,i am seriously considering bankruptcy,I am a full-time carer and have been for 11 years,and have about 12,000-14,000 worth of debt that i will never beable to pay off,i have nothing of any value no house(rent) The only thing that is of value is a mobility car that is not owened but paid for via motorbility,i don`t think the OR would be interested in this as it is not mine i just drive it? Also i was thinking about using the money that i have been using to service my debts to pay for the fee,does anyone know how long it takes to go bankrupt,a
  8. Thanks cerberusalert i will do that,but to be honest i am only just managing to service my debts at the moment and this just push`s the whole thing over the edge, I am a carer so on benefits my credit has been shot to pieces for years and and now with this very strict inforcement it is becoming quite clear that under their rules and changing the goal posts i`m not going to be able to repair my credit history so i am seriously thinking of just going bankrupt.
  9. Thanks Kate,can you tell me the name of the letter template you used,
  10. Hi there i was wondering if anyone could help me,i missed one direct debit payment to studio 24 after having paid this way for years,today they sent a letter that i am now not allowed to pay by direct debit and am to pay at the bank and the standard service charge applies,the standard service charge is twice the amount of the direct debit one as is the annual interest rate 44%,just because i missed one payment,i can`t afford this.Can they do this should i close my account and arrange a payment plan with them,any help please.
  11. Thanks,will do,I never received a notice of assignment from BG, should I ask BG for the original and when it was sent and say that i dispute the Debt with BG it self, will that stop action from ANY DCA?
  12. Thank you all for the advice, Robinson way sent me a letter today saying they have agreed to close the account on they files and that i will receive no more correspondence from them.I had subject accessed them,and looking through the data it appears that the debt was originally written off,they call it a recycled utility,but then put on to a new debt status,(even though the billing code does not allow customers to be billed over a year ago,(debt is for 2006),asked for statement,bill and agreement,none was forthcoming,all i received was the data from robinson ways computer no true copies nothi
  13. Thank you sequenci,wasn`t sure,love your avatar isn`t that from the old public information films "charlie says"?
  14. Hi there i wonder if someone can help me does a career development loan count the same way as a student loan for the purposes of bankruptcy? even though it comes as a loan from the bank?
  15. thank you pelham9,i`ve sent them a letter saying that I dispute that the debt is owed,and refusing any such appointment pointing out that if they do,then they are in breach of DCG guide lines and will be reported as such,i`ll just wait and see what happens now.
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