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  1. Getting no-where fast with this one.... Goldfish have written to me to say that when I had my goldfish account in 2003 it was owned by Lloyds so nothing to do with them. Lloyds have written to me to say it's not their problem either.. Hopefully the FOS will have more success.....
  2. 14 days LBA is up today, and I have decided to go down the FOS route rather than court for this one. Forms posted today. LS
  3. SAR requested in May - statements finally received in November. Had to go through info comm to get them. Now at LBA stage - I have been advised to send all correspondence to Lloyds which I have done. Nothing back as yet. Will be filing at court next week LS123
  4. I finally received my statements after 6 months from Goldfish - they have requested that I write to Lloyds TSB though as apparently Morgan Stanley didn't own Goldfish when I held my account. I am now at LBA stage with Lloyds and have only had a standard letter telling me about bank charge claims being on hold - not sure what that has to do with my credit card claim. Am due to file at court next week - should I continue with my Lloyds details or go for Goldfish... I am V confused. LS
  5. Cheque finally received from Baliff's.. Good luck everyone still fighting! LS
  6. Requested statements 11th May finally received them 9th November, along with a few other peoples info... (not good reported to Information Commissioner) Now my letter states that I need to claim back charges from Lloyds as they owned Goldfish prior to Morgan Stanley so prelim letter sent today
  7. Today received a letter from the Halifax to say that they are still looking into my complaint and don't know when I will get a reply and if I am unhappy with these timescales I can apply to the FOS... Am I correct in thinking though that as my charges for PPI relate back to 2001/2002 then I cannot go to the FOS Thank you LS
  8. Latest update is that the Halifax wrote to me to say that they were investigating my claim and would reply by the 23rd October, and they haven't.... Going to send a chase up letter today...... I am just wondering, as I have already claimed £92 in charges can I claim PPi as well? Many thanks LS
  9. Thanks Tilly I will send the letters off today LS
  10. Thank you - good luck to you all with your claims
  11. Settlement letter received today - yippee!!!
  12. Latest news on this one is that the Halifax have sent a response to my LBA to say that they are looking into my complaint and will respond by end Oct.... I guess that I cannot go to the OFT until I receive that response as it hasn't yet been 8 weeks since my original complaint
  13. Hi Sally I would just send them another copy of your spreadsheet by recorded post - that way if it does get as far as the court room then you have covered yourself. Good luck LS
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