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  1. hang fire-am sure someone will be along to advise soon:)
  2. hi ell-its 20th may-and thanks for the info.will crack on with it this a.m
  3. not at hand but could hopefully get them.i checked the dates and amounts with npbs yesterday and they tally.
  4. £80 per month on top of monthly payment-ie £504+£80=£584.this is how much we wish to continue with.we have paid at least this amount for the last 3 months
  5. thankyou ellen. our monthly mortgage payment should be £504 ( £584 as stipulated by the court order.)we paid £800 on feb 12th, £800 on march 30th and £600 on april 24th.we have been paying excess on all our bills such as council tax for over a year.we have 2 adult sons and no younger children.our sons live at home and have both just finished degrees(one reason for financial problems)but both now graduated.we have a second mortgage which also had arrears but have finally just paid off those.we have also finished paying 200+ extra a month for our council tax which is also now up to date.
  6. hi -you kindly guided me a while ago when i needed help completing a n244 for mortgage arrears with our second lender, blemain.we have paid off all the arrears with the company now but with the credit crunch and one thing or another have received one from our main lender, norwich and peterborough.we had a possession order to pay approx £640 per month but with rising fuel costs(we travel 120 miles per day between us just to work and back)we missed a payment last november.we have paid sept-£600 oct-£1200,nov-£0, dec-£600, jan-£500, feb£800,march£800.april-£600 and may £600.we are behind one paym
  7. its just a letter stating that it has been transferred to guildford county court, no contact details , no attachments, absolutely no other info-just really a 2 lined notice with the case number at the top
  8. no-at the mo its just a notice of transfer to another court for enforcement.However, the new court is not local. I have just called our local court office for guidance and they say it will probably end up with them. Can they go straight forr attachment of earnings? or do we need to fill in forms before they apply. The last thing we need is a bulk taken from our salary at short notice.
  9. the ccj was for £4000 paying back £180 a month-we now owe 2 months installments due to decreased hours at work
  10. hubby has a ccj with lloyds and we have fallen behind with the installments.we have today received a simple letter to say that it has been transferred to a county court for enforcement 160 miles away. I am so worried-will they just need the arrears on the installments paying or the full balance on the ccj?
  11. hi alex-just wondered how your claim progressed
  12. please help folks, for several months we have been trying to set up a direct debit for our council tax but for some reason they kept going back to the council as cancelled-or so they say anyway.We ended up with a liability order Finally, in november, I was worried so phoned the council and asked for standing order details so it could be paid that way. I asked whether I needed to pay anything that day and was told not to bother and to divide the outstanding amount by 6 and start at the end of novemeber. I set up the standing order immediately following the call which was on nov 3
  13. hi folks-watching this thread with great interest-I started a claim with Lloyds just before the oft case-sent all the letters, spreadies etc but then couldnt afford the claim fee so haulted it-they owed me £6000+ with interest. To start anew I opened an abbey basic account and started to rebuild but had previous debts that stemmed from me taking time off work when my mum was ill a couple of years ago. Abbey started adding fees(as much as £300 a month) and the debts got worse. At the moment we have a new ccj,(ironically for lloyds loan for £2000) and a repossession order for our mortgage.
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