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  1. Hi crem, 1st offer was 1,700 2nd offer was 2,600 and now its 2,750. I had hoped to get 3,000 going off the average of the price people are asking for same car, age & miles. someone told me I need Tax disc to re-claim it but it went up with the car.
  2. My car set on fire rang insurance to inform them, it took them over a week to collect by which time it had been moved, so took another week for it to get to company insur using, 1st offer rejected so was second so told it had to go to 2 assessment ( or something like that), had offer and I still not happy really it's 250 pounds short of what I want. I was told to submit list cars for sale like mine which I did after searching the internet, they varied but average was 3,000, not sure what to do now as never claimed before also there was personnal items in car cd's soft disney teddies, and Tax had just been renewed. Any advice appreciated jcl
  3. wont accept my offer of payments...keep ringing up but now i dont answer phone left messages to ring them...any advice as to what to do now please. also my OH was the main holder not me but no contact made with him so can he statue barred this account even though they keep coming for me ??
  4. thanks for that 42man but I think it be 4 years since I last paid on the debt and I did write to Link two years ago offering a full and final settlement to which they did not respond to till they phoned last Friday and have left message today to contact them regarding this account, so don't think I can go for statue barred now.
  5. I will do that but not sure they will accept what I intend to offer, I have been reading posts regard link and others could I ask if this should be stature barred as original loan was in 2002 but sold on ? also I have checked my Credit file and link have defaulted me on there but sent no notice to me and I was originally defaulted by Abbey for same loan. Thanks 42man for reply
  6. Has anyone come to an agreement with Link over repayment plan if so what was outcome and also what is fair offer of repayment that would be acceptable, need to get this sorted urgently so any help is much appreciated jcl
  7. Your quite right I just found copy now of letter sent I couldnt find it the other day it been moved to diff folder , they didnt reply to me back then not a word
  8. After not hearing from link for two years a woman rang last week to ask if I could pay debt off when I said I was not in a position to do so she mentioned that I had wrote over two years ago asking for full and final settlement ( dont remember doing this) but I did ask why it had took so long for contact to be made. Anyway up shot is they rang again Fri and Sat but I was out so no doubt they will ring Monday, should I offer a monthly payment offer ? not sure what to do now but I checked my credit file and they have defaulted it on there. Help appreciated Thank you, jcl
  9. Connaught seem to do as they please, I had trouble got took to court to make me bankrupt after paying debt, judge awawrded them costs but to give me time get advice, recentley 2years down line letter from solicitors to pay costs of 4ooo, which was originally 2500 which i sent wrong or right but told on here if a judge says you pay you have to so sent 2500 got letter back saying that connaught accept this and matter now closed, so to me its all wrong I am in process of taking it further as its wrong to pay a debt still taken to court end up with costs that made up what solicitor is involved for 2months and earns that for writing a letter we must all be in wrong jobs, my point is they do act well did in my case and to be honest at time I was ready to end it all I felt that ill they hounded me with a passion, something seriously needs to be done about them, my case involved 3000 of charges and ppi from original company it really should not be allowed to happen. hope all works well for you jcl
  10. Thanks for your reply Bigredbus, The company has been going for years, it is not a large firm. People who still work there have told my friend that there is loads of overtime going, no insolvency as we aware or financial trouble as we know of
  11. Hi All, A very dear friend of mine was made redundant 3 months ago, a contract was drawn up of how much was to be paid in redundancy money, he was told it would be paid on 17th may 2010, a contract was drwn up and signed by all parties but money was not in the account as per contract, on ringing the company was told oh yes we were saying we going to have to send a cheque i'll get back to you no call came. Can anyone please advice as to what his rights are as theis contract now broken he was employed for 38yrs and amount is 11,000 owed to him he thinks they not got it to pay him and someone told him the government pay half ?. any advice much appreciated jcl
  12. just found out there is a default on credit ref file for this debt but not with hfc but with 1st credit/connaught collections, they wrote last year asking what we disagreed with and wrote telling them charges etc put on by hfc were more than owed but not heard back and also not heard from hfc regarding refund of charges could anyone advice what to do now as a default notice was not sent to us but on oh file. help appreciated jcl
  13. Not had any luck with this, no refund of full charges or ppi said to write to ombudsman if i not happy, is this best course of action or use a firm that do it for you just I getting no where, advice appreciated jcl
  14. Received letter today regarding costs to solicitors after I wrote to them when this happened stating costs to be outlined, now received letter reminding me I have to pay the costs and they now 4,500 and list of items and 5 solicitor costs no contact made since that day by them, I was unsuccessful reclaiming charges and ppi from original debtor, I could pay half of above amount but no more as I haven't got it spent last two years paying debts back and trying to reclaim charges and ppi to no avail. letter says I have till 28th to write to say what I think are unreasonable costs etc, no end to this bloody nightmare. Any advice is really much appreciated as best way to act, it's no wonder people end it all. Regards jcl
  15. Thank you to you all for your replies, your help is much appreciated and I will today pass it on to them. Kind Regards jcl
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