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  1. I believe there has been a very recent change in the rules. From what I understand the 21 hours rule no longer applies. If an educational institution defines a course as full time then regardless of the hours the student will not be able to claim Carers Allowance. I think this only applies to new claims or people starting courses this year. Definitely advisable to call Carers Allowance Unit before starting a course to get advice.
  2. Hi! Just wondered if someone could point me in the right direction. I want to know how I go about changing my POC. Thanks in advance.
  3. Given that the Supreme Court is handing down it's judgement on Wednesday - will the parties to the cae have already been made aware of the decision?
  4. Currently according to the Supreme Court website there are only two descison scheduled to be handed down on 19th November and the case we're interested in is not one of them...
  5. Will the HoL decision be the end of this part of the litigation? Given that the Unfair Contract Terms Reg's are based on a European Directive - does anyone think that the Banks will string this out by going to the European Courts?
  6. I am by no means an expert but are your current tenants under an obligation to live where ever the letting agency tells them? If so it would seem a bit harsh! What's to stop you approaching the current tenant and offering them a new contract directly after terminating with Northwood?
  7. I've got to the point with my mortgage where I want to give up. I have arrears and the house needs work anyway. There are houses in my area in better condition than mine that let for less than I'm paying for my mortgage. What prevents me from making the jump is fear of the unknown! I just worried that I'll have to keep moving every few months. The letting agents I've spoken to say that I could get a 2 year tenancy or at the very least 6 month leases with extensions without any problems. Just wondered what people’s experiences were - could really do without having to move every few months.
  8. Message to Moderators Any chance of deleting this thread?
  9. Just to 'bring some closure' to this thread. Last November Abbey rejected my harship claim. Then after a little delay (on my part) I raised a compliant with FOS with regard to my rejected claim for hardship. Yesterday I had a call from Abbey informing that they now accept that I'm in hardship and will make a partial refund.
  10. The House of Lords in this context is a Judical body and so the Law Lords hearing the appeal will be Judges. So hopefully their decision will be based on the Law and not their background.
  11. Just had an interesting chat with a bloke at the FOS. Basically I explained the scenario above (i.e. Bank chasing charges applied after a test case has been stayed). I was told that banks were entitled to pursue me for these charges (he said High Court agreed this in 2007) and that as far as he was aware that a Court would not entertain my claim or rather defence that my account is in dispute. He didn't know about the August 2007 case at Luton County Court where a judge froze charges (not that I would expect someone handling a telephone enquiries to have that depth of knowledge). He described my stayed County Court action as 'void' and that the banks would automatically pay me back if they lost. He kept saying it was all up to the High Court (which I thought was a bit optimistic as the Banks are definitely going to take this all the way!!!). He concluded by saying I could do as I see fit with this complaint but that as far as the FOS is concerned I’m on my own with this one. Wish I had the depth of awareness to have been able to challenge him a bit more or maybe spoken to a supervisor or someone higher up. Really could do with some advice (support would be nice but some kindly worded critisism would be okay too!). I don't really want to pay (don't really have the means), but I'm kind of at the 'tall between my legs' point of offering them token payments.
  12. Hi. Many thanks for your reply. Yes the account was £5.23 in credit, but then a debit card transaction went through which I had not accounted for (my fault I should have paid closer attention to this and I should have mentioned this in my earlier post). This had th effect of pushing the account into an unauthorised overdraft. My claim has been stayed at County Court pending the test case. I've written to the DCA and so far had no reply. My plan was to report this to FOS should the DCA progress the matter - should I report Abbey regardless? I'm fairly happy with what to do in that regard it's just that I still just need to clarify (in my mind at least) whether I am entitle to presume that any charges applied to my account after filing at County Court can be regarded as disputed?
  13. Respectfully bumped! I have written to the DCA making them aware that I have no intention of paying the latest charges on the basis that the overall account is in dispute. I just need some reassurance that I'm on 'steady ground' with what I've told them. Basically what I'm getting at is if I'm entitled to regard charges placed on my account after starting my court claim as disputed?
  14. Hi Jansus! Back in November when Abbey rejected my claim to hardship I raised a complaint with FOS. I had to allow 8 weeks for Abey to issue a final response - which (so far) has not arrived. I just sent my complaint form and evidence to FOS. In your experience - how effective are FOS in helping conusmers?
  15. Gilbert if you want to pursue a court case then if you scroll up and look at the post the Mr Lex made on this thread on 11th November you'll find two very useful links.
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