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  1. Hi Everyone, cant believe we have had to wait over another year for this day but at last its come, im scared to calculate my interest gonna do that over the next couple of weeks and will tell you what my claim is up to. Im going for the juggular now as they didnt honour that offer 2 years agos, no more Mr Nice guy! I hope the Lords just slap them down, pleased with the OFT they have been battling on our sides well! Dont the banks realise the more they appeal against the OFT, the more the OFT will through the book at them! They are acting like a child who stole something an
  2. Hi All, can anyone tell me where we are I have lost track as been in China and I would like to know when the next court dates are regarding the appeal. I have had a look around the threads but cant find a definative update:confused: A little help please:-)
  3. Hi I put my claim in February last year do I need to change anything?
  4. I think the OFT should rule that the banks charge should be £2 per item, I cant believe how unsurpportive they have been to us all. They seem weak and unable to get the information from the banks that they require. I agree that the judge should ask them to present direct costs for these charges and a breakdown of how they arrive at them, this for me is the key issue and something the banks have never been able to provide to us!!!! It makes me mad that we are having to wait a further 2 months just to see the appeal granted or not! Come on OFT it obvious what you need to do!!!
  5. Hi All, I met with a friend of mine on Friday who works for a major consultant of the major banks and they are advising the banking sector to prepare to settle all of the claims. I cant name names or reveal my source as it would get him/her in trouble, I believe the banks are going to take the advice so be prepared for more offer letters! Cheers Lee
  6. Hi just a quicky I started my claim in Feb 07 it went to court in May 07, now I just want to confirm once you have filed your claim it will be valid for all charges 6 years previous to the date the court file the claim i.e. 6 years previous back from 23/05/07 in my case. That doesnt change does it?
  7. Hello Jo, they are rubbish Abbey should be in the dictonary in place of the word idiots! As they have delayed me I have maxed my overdraft with spending the money on things for Amy! They can F!*K of if they think they going to get it all back before the case is sorted, like you they can have small regular payments and like it Hope you are well!
  8. Hiya Jo, Night Owl and Stone, thanks for the nice messages have missed you all to, Stone let me know how you case to lift your stay went? Just read this on bbc website sounds like the OFT's QC is having the banks for breakfast. He sounds like a teacher telling off a group of naughty children glad he is on our side: BBC NEWS | Business | OFT accuses banks over charges Sounds like the case will be over by late next week or early the following by the latest. I know the banks will appeal I just hope the law courts dont grant it! Big old hugs to you all
  9. Hi All, long time no speak I have been busy being a dad though, baby Amy is 3 months old today shes lovely very proud!! How are you all doing? I have been reading some of the clap trap on the BBC's website BBC NEWS | Business | Barclays begins charges defence It seems they have all collectively decided to read the same old rubbish as they have written in the there letters to us. The judge is already sounding ****ed off with the banks, I wonder if he will stop them repeating themselves that would be funny! Order order shut up! It sounds like this may go all the way to
  10. Hi All, anything new happened not heard a thing for ages now?
  11. Ah its a shame Sue welcome to the Stay Zone where nothing happens all day long LOL Sorry I have not been on for a while I have been so busy at work and been away to portugal as well so been a busy boy! Big hug of Support cant wait for February now! x Lee x
  12. Hi Jo, sorry I have not been on for a while, been promoted at work which has made even busier than ever! Baby due to pop soon as well its all go! I am sorry to hear they were nasty to you, im just waiting it out quietly in the wings at the moment. Not very happy with the OFT especially when they state they think they may pull the plug on the test case! At the moment I have decided just to moniter the news each day and keep an eye on cag for any changes. Lets hope in February the case proceeds so we can finally get a result or at least the chance to go to court. Big hu
  13. Oh thats good least you got a hearing! You can argue against I better you a tenner they wont show!
  14. Question: I dont need to bother with the bundle now my case has been stayed do I? Sorry having a blond moment
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