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  1. Awww thanks >>> - you give a great hug!! I bet Portugal was lovely - sunnier than Bow in any case lol I'm enjoying spending my money and interesting in my head but am getting used to the idea that it may be less than I was hoping for if the banks/OFT come up with a fair figure that should be charged - at least it won't be sitting in the bank's coffers I'm going to get some nice wool and join the knitting circle - knit one, pearl one, drop one hehehe Sue
  2. Hello all Sorry for not reporting back sooner but I was disappointed and didn't want to put a damper on things. Was seen by a really lovely Judge at Bow County Court (Abrahams) who stayed the claim (no surprise there) but was actually very pleasant and fair. The gist of what he said to me really was that if I had another argument other than the Unfair Terms he might be able to make another order but unfortunately everything I said he took to come within the Unfair Terms action with the OFT. However, I did make him smile when I told him I was angry with the Abbey for sending me 8
  3. Well all got my hearing today at 2pm and shall be leaving to get to Court in a few minutes. Am quaking in my boots after reading of a couple of bad experiences on here regarding the treatment from the Judge so am keeping my fingers crossed that the Judges in Bow will treat me gently. Taking mum along to hold my hand as at 41 years old I can't do anything on my own Hey ho, am prepared as much as can be. Will report back later folks Sue
  4. Hi Simmo 20 of us are having hearings at Bow CC tomorrow so I suspect they are trying to be helpful - they've been very good with me. I used the POC wording on this site and didn't have a problem
  5. PSM/GaryH Would either of you be kind enough to look at my objections to a stay pls?? Thanks Sue
  6. Hi PSM I hope you don't mind but I have PM'd you. I'm delighted at the order you have received and am so pleased that there is a Judge out there who will look beyond his/her letter or recommendation from Judge Moore-Bick, Hurrahh! There is hope for the rest of us. Well done again and if your hubby feels like a little tripette to East London tomorrow afternon please let me know Sue x
  7. Awww I am so sorry lovey that Judge sounds like they were a complete arse! It makes my blood boil that some of the judiciary can be so superior in their attitudes and so off hand to people who they may consider to be inferior - come the revolution!! It makes you want to lodge a complaint! He'll get his comeuppence in the end and you'll get your money back even if you do have to wait a little longer. Take heart from PSM's thread - things look more positive there and perhaps we can all utilise the information she is kindly providing we can persuade Judges not just to grant a stay. I hop
  8. Thanks John - can your other half and my mum get together and scare the Judge before we go in??? just a thought I've PM'd you by the way John in response to yours. Now peeps, I have a sick child here and am trying to sort myself out for Monday (nothing like leaving this to the last minute). I haven't been able to use the link to the OFT POC's as my computer is too sensitive! Does anyone have a copy of them that they could send me or an alternative link please? I'm also wanting to enclose a copy of the revised Abbey Defence. Do we have a link or copy of that please? I had wanted
  9. Oh my gauld, lets hope I get a sympathetic Judge! I am going to work on my points regarding the stay over the weekend as I've been so busy but I have been collating notes so hopefully it won't be too horrific. Thanks so much for the sound advice, I have been keeping an eye on your thread and only wish your hubby could come to Court with me!! I'm taking my mum instead for moral support Thanks to you too Kia for trying to keep me more optimistic but as we all know we are just a small voice and the banks seem to be getting their own way - at the moment! Anyways, will keep an e
  10. Hi Kia Its the formal hearing on monday and the court have listed my application to strike out at the same time. I haven't even done jury service so you are one step ahead of me Kia!
  11. Hi John/Kia Thank you both for trying to help. I did call the Court in the end and got two different answers would you believe. The first time I called I was told I didn't have to do anything seeing as I was reducing the claim however, seeing as I'm panicing like crazy at the moment I called back again later in the day and was told that I should really do a new POC and submit it to the Court and Defendant!! Well, I thought, FFS! So I emailed Inga and asked if she would agree (by email) to accept the figure in my AQ as the amount in dispute and the figure that I would be claiming. I pu
  12. HELP DESPERATELY NEEDED PLEASE. Hearing on Monday and I think I have messed up big time!! I reduced the amount I was claiming in my AQ as I wasn't sure what I could actually claim back so limited it just to charges for bounced dd's and cheques. I have now found out that I may have had to have served an amended POC or N244 application. I have emailed Ashursts twice to see if they will accept the sum in the AQ as the sum in dispute but they are ignoring me! What should I do???? All advice much appreciated. Sue x
  13. Thanks for that Lula I'll make sure I get that off by courier on Monday as Ashursts are just round the corner from my work. One of the emails I got from Inga today wasn't marked "WITHOUT PREJUDICE" and she actually had the audacity to say in that letter that they wouldn't be sending me documents as they would be applying for a stay!!! I told her I was disgusted that such a large firm did not think they should comply with a Court Order. She may have twigged by now that as I am emailing her from my work address I work for solicitors! I'll be printing off the email to attach to the letter to t
  14. Grrrrrrr I'm so angy I have to post this message. I am seething at the utter contempt Ashursts have for orders made by the Court and then adhering to them because the Abbey are going to hide behind the OFT case. I have had an email exchange with Inga this afternoon whereby I wanted to open up settlement negotiations and pointed out that I had not received their bundle for Court which I should have had as the hearing is on 24 September and the Judge ordered that witness statements should be filed no later than 14 days before blah blah blah. She informed me that they would be applying for
  15. Ahhhhh right. Thank you Lula. I'll carry on as normal then. I've emailed Inga to see if we can settle this but don't hold out much hope. Sue
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