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  1. I dont bellieve it, 2 days ago I received a letter detailing the charges and interest that they had paid in to my account, today I received a reply from my LBA saying could not refund my charges owing to the terms and conditions:D
  2. Well done Nick, It makes you wonder why I got my money paid on days 21 & 22 and others have to wait for 28 days and longer, seems like bad organizing. Ray
  3. Hi Itrenell, You should get your money soon, mine was served on the 20th, one day after yours.
  4. Hi Pitters, You should get the outstanding amount very soon, like you I received most of my money yesterday. I received the rest(interest & court fees) this afternoon.
  5. Hi all, Yesterday Nationwide refunded £2724, just checked my account and they have paid in £912 for the 8% court interest and court fees. :) :)
  6. yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss Just checked my balance £2724 paid in, just interest and court fee outstanding.
  7. Well done Nick, I'm really pleased for you. I'm on day 20, so hopefully wont have much longer to wait.
  8. Hi Paul Yes it is proof they have received it, the electronic proof of delivery sometimes appears a few days later and this will give you the name of the person who signed for it. Good luck with your claim Ray
  9. Hi Ash Its just a waiting game now, it will be interesting to see who gets their money first as both of our claims were deemed served on 20 March
  10. On my acknowlegement it states all documents to be sent to Charles Bacon Nationwide Building Society Pipers Way Swindon SN38 1FN
  11. Received letter from court today, Nationwide acknowledged my claim on 21/03/07 and have "surprisingly" decided to defend all of my claim.
  12. Hi All I have recently reclaimed £1760 from Natwest, this was paid without the need for court action, I am now after Nationwide. Statements requested on 1/02/07 Statements received on 15/02/07 LBA sent 19/02/07 claiming £2724 No response received Filed at court on 13/03/07 claiming £2724 + £793 interest Deemed served on 20/03/07 Apart from the initial letter with my statements I have not received anything from Nationwide, all of my letters have been sent by recorded delivery.
  13. Hi Richard, I am watching your claim with interest because your court action was deemed served 2 days before mine, as yet I have not had any replies from Nationwide during the whole process, my claim is for £2724 + 8% taking it up to £3517. I have already won against Natwest, they settled my claim for £1760 before court action. Good luck, Ray.
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