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  1. Won!!!!!!!!!!! All Paid Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!! :D Well they started paying "Correction" amounts into my account, but they have now stopped. As predicted, they have paid me my charges back but not the 8% interest. Does anyone know when they will pay this?, the 28 days is up on Sunday, should I go for judgement on Monday to get the interest?????????
  3. Right, I need some advice, from what I've read on other threads Nationwide seem to pay the charges back but not the interest. If they do this to me am I still entitled to press for the interest through the court? Ihope so because this is over £600 alone!!!!!!
  4. 23 days and counting - fingers crossed!
  5. Well 17 days since served date, nothing yet in the way of payments. Keep telling myself to chill, it will come through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. I did!, my claim was served on the 18th, acknowledged on the 21st. Hopefully payment soon!
  7. Thanks all, I'm still waiting, it's been 11 days since being deemed served and am really nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks Livelylad, I guess everyone gets nervous at this stage, hopefully the spondoolas will start to roll in soon!
  9. Well, NW have responded saying they are defending my claim. What happens now?, is this where they take it to the time limit and pay up just before????????????????
  10. So when is the Whistleblower program going to be shown?
  11. Just another update! I received the Notice of Issue today, it says it is assumed served on the 18th March, according to the Court the Nationwide now have 14 days to respond, so that takes us to the 2nd of April! I guess this is where they say they are going to defend and then (HOPEFULLY) pay up???????????
  12. Hi all!!!! Well, I went to the Court on Tuesday and handed my papers in! EEEK! As I am unemployed I am exempt from paying the court fees, however I did have to complete an EX160 and processing this will take five days, so my N1 should start going through the system next Tuesday. From there I guess the papers will be served on Nationwide and the 28 days start from then. Hopefully by mid-April I should start to see some cash?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Any comments from people further along the line would be most welcome.
  13. Right then, I am filling in the N1 and need some advice. The box at the bottom right of the first page, where it says amount claimed, should this be the charges plus the s.69 interest I am claiming or just the charges amount? Also, as I am unemployed and exempt from paying the court fee, should I disclude the mention of claiming any court fees or should I just keep it in there just in case?
  14. Only 6 days to go before filing at Court! - EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hi there, just a quick update, my LBA was sent last Friday (23rd) by recorded delivery. They received it on Monday and have not yet replied. I think I will spend this weekend filling in the N1 ready to file on Monday the 12th. Are NW delaying payouts in order to see what the Ombudsmans report says??????????????????????
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