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  1. Nice one Richard. Another success story to add to the list. NW do seem to be leaving everything to the last minute. Like you, my interest chargers & court costs were a couple of days after the initial payout. well done.
  2. hi pitters, likewise in my case, they seemed to have paid more on the interest side than i thought so as far as i'm concerned, i'm happy with it. Got more than i claimed so i, personnally, i'm leaving it there. Good luck with you still trying for your bit.
  3. hey skeggs, to be honest i kept ignoring NW's calls and letters. I owed £1300 in my overdraft and they were threatening me with court etc then finally they wrote again to say they would set up a repayment plan of £20 a month to clear it!! I still did nothing. this only happened about 7 weeks ago and while i was still waiting to hear about my refund of chargers. When i did file for claim, i did it in person, to my local court and i you will see from my signature the timings. Don't worry, as you can see from myself, Pitters and many others just sit and wait. You have got nothing to lose.
  4. Finally got a letter yesterday to explain the refund and to give a breakdown in what they have paid. NW apologised, in the letter, for not agreeing the full refund of my claim, saying i have had the odd charge returned in the past. Well i knew that and even showed it, in red, in my list of chargers i sent them! It was all clearly calculated and the returned chargers went subtrated from the total. The funny and odd thing is, they have paid me all of the refund plus approx. £70 more!! I'm not complaining! Very weird. Anyway went to my local court yesterday to tell them NW have settled
  5. hi Pitters, i finally got my letter yesterday from NW with the breakdown of chargers and to explain their reasoning for the refund and they apologised for not returning all of the chargers i was claiming for!, what's odd is that they have paid back all my claim plus a few quid extra!!? Not good to hear you'll still waiting for the final £56. How annoying. I thought me , you and Raypool were all gonna be cleared at the same time. Keep pushing them mate.
  6. hey ray, got my interest today, so finally got it all.
  7. itrenell, don't worry and don't waste a phone call. Like myself, raypool and pitters, NW paid up on the or within a day or so of the deadline so you still have a few days remaining. I never received a letter either so just sit tight and keep checking. Remember the bank holidays don't count, i believe, so you do have to factor that in. Fingers crossed.
  8. well, i checked today and another cash credit/correction has been added. It's the rest of my claim so job done and case now, finally closed. I really can't believe it's happened. and to think 3 months ago i was getting cold feet about doing this. Amazing feeling. Time to move on to the next one now! Thanks everyone for your support and kind comments. I shall continue to make a nusiense in the bear garden though.
  9. hey Pitters, i to have got a cash credit today. It was for £567. (In fact it was put in twice!, then one was clawed back) and from my workings that about £57 more than i thought so i can offically say i've finally got all mine back. Hey maybe i've got your £57 ?? I'll have too check my figures again. If it's not right, i'll give to you!
  10. have we got an updated list of attendees?
  11. no pitters, i checked today and nothing more! I'll take Kelly's advice.
  12. mine was served on the 17th
  13. hi mochamoo, yea it does seem like it. Oh well, we'll see what happens. I'm well happy about what i've got so far thou.
  14. hi pitters, my remaining £500 hadn't come through today either but like raypool has said, i guess we'll see both ours shortly.
  15. nice one raypool. So your interest came through today then. I checked at lunchtime today and mine hadn't so i'll check again tomorrow. So i got my charges back yesterday, as you know, but my interest still to come, about £500.
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