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  1. I'm sorry, reading it back I think I confused myself Basically, my credit card account with Cap One I still use on a fairly frequent basis. But have looked back over the last couple of years and I have accrued around £240 in charges relating to overlimit charges and late payments. The thing is, I want to pursue claiming the charges back, but am worried that if I do, Cap One will want all of the money outstanding on the card back. I want to find out if this is going to be the likely action from Cap One should I make a claim for charges. I hope this makes a little more sense Thanks
  2. Hi I currently have a capital one account. My balance is currently at it's limit (£1000), but I know that around £250 of this is charges. My question is, if I am to go down the 're-claim my charges' route, will Capital One get shirty and want to close the account, thus leaving me around £750 to pay off immediatly? I want to keep the account with them, but just want my charges back. Also, is it all charges I can get back or just the charge for late payment? Any help appreciated Many thanks
  3. Hi Rory Thanks for you quick reply. Should I not hear anything within 14 days, do I then proceed to make a claim via MCol? And also, is it the same 6 year rule..? Thanks
  4. Hi Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. Does anyone know if the charges applied to my Choice Home Shopping account, for late payment, can be claimed back (much like bank charges). If so, is there a template letter to be used or is it similar to that used for the banks. Any help appreciated thanks
  5. Hi I made a claim for getting my bank charges refunded through the FSA's complaints procedure at the back end of last year (Sep/Oct time). I have been keping an eye on the test case, and understand that all claims being made through MCol are being stayed. My question is, is this still the case for applications being made through the FSA? Thanks
  6. Hi I am pursuing my second claim with Nationwide and need to set up a parachute account with an alternative bank. I did come across a listing of banks/building societies on the CAG website, but can longer find it. Can anyone help please. It was a very, very useful page. Many thanks
  7. Thanks Gizmo and Curley. OK, so first things first, I'll send off my CCA's to each DCA, along with my £1 PO, recorded delivery. At least then I'll know where I stand with each of them. Once I receive the information back, am I able to post them up on here so that someone with more experience than me can have a look? Also, yes, my job is a permanent postion. I work within the Publishing Industry. Thanks again people, I shall keep this thread updated.
  8. Hi NCO have definatley brought the debt. I got a couple of letters from HSBC telling me a short time ago. I too am scared of bankruptcy, but I can see it as an option. I am just so worried about losing my job. But I do see the IVA as a good alternative. It's legally binding, and as long as I am paying what I can afford each month, this is an option? I'm a little apprehensive dealing with the DCA's alone. I know they can get heavy and pushy and I'm not up to receiving harrasment over the phone or via the post. Can they at any stage come round to my property? Thanks again, you guys are a big help and I certainly don't feel alone with this weight on my shoulders anymore. And I'm sorry for all the questions. Just trying to work out what is the best option for me and my family.
  9. The loan was taken out in 2003 and I probably defaulted around the end of 2005. I have looked at bankruptcy and to be honest it does look a viable option, the only concerns I have are about my work finding out. That really would put the nail in my coffin. I did read that the court can ask for the amount to be deducted from my wages, which in turn would mean contacting my employment, is this right? With regards to contacting a number of IVA companies, if I only have a set disposable income, surely the amount they will take will be the same. But I think I can see what you mean, some ask for you to pay for 62 months instead of 60. Oh, and the HSBC debtsare with NCO DCA.
  10. Thanks P.ONE Since yesterday, I have been researching the posibility of doing an IVA and I have a monthly Surplus that should be acceptable. However, around 90% of my debt is with HSBC, so they will get the final say as to whether it is accepted. What is the likleyhood ofthem accepting this and also what will happen if they don't accept the IVA? Thanks again people
  11. Cheers Guys, really appreciate your help with my problem. Do I send the CCA requests to the DCA's? I'll try and keep this thread updated as I may need help with the legality of the agreements when (or if) they come through. Thanks again
  12. Cheers for the advice. I am currently employed full time and think that an IVA would be an option. But should I just follow the route of this, or should I consider the CCA route first?
  13. Hi Thanks for the advice. From what I keep reading, I should send CCA's first to each, in order to get my paperwork in order first. Am I right in thinking that I send the CCA's to the DCA's and not the original creditor? Also, from what I have been reading, should I send Posal order's for each accont and never sign anything with my signature? thanks
  14. Hi I have quite a large number of debts that are quite old. Maybe going back as far as Mid 2003. The total amount outstanding on them is around £30k. They are spread as follows; HSBC - Unsecured Loan - £20k HSBC Current Acct - £3k HSBC Credit Card - £4k Egg Credit Card - £1.5k Capital One Credit Card - £1.5k I have not been able to pay anything against them for over a year due to loss of emplyment and finances. However, I was always to frightened to contact them as they don't listen. I am now in a position to pay them, but have been flooded with harrasement letters. And reading some of the threads on here, it seems that calling them is not a good thing to do. The debts are with the following DCA's; HSBC Loan - NCO HSBC Current Acct - IQOR HSBC Credit Card - IQOR Capital One - Capquest (I think) EGG - Not sure, no letters for a while, but can find out. I have toyed with the idea of entering an IVA and also going as far as Bankruptcy. I live in Council rented housing and have no assets (apart from my car which is only worth around £2k). Can anyone give any helpful advice as to what they feel is my best options. Again, looking at other threads, should I send off CCA's to each DCA? I would be grateful if anyone could help as I do want to get things sorted, but am just unsure of what my next move should be. Thanks
  15. Hi I claimed back my bank charges from Nationwide beginning of this year and went via the LBA/MCol route. I succesfully got back everything I was owed. I am now filling another claim with Nationwide, on the same account, but this time through the Financial Ombudsman. My wife went this route recently and it was much less painful and she got everything back. My question is, can I now expect Nationwide to close my account? I don't have an overdraft with them, but I do have my childs Trust fund with them. My account closure won't affect this will it? I have another Bank Account in place which I have started using. Are there and further obstacles I can expect Nationwide to put up on a second claim? Thanks
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