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  1. If I understand the game correctly; I now wait 5 days until considering it "served", then allow 14 days for a response. I prime myself to contact the court on the 15th day to ask the Judge to rule in my favour (but then I will hear that Abbey have acknowledged the claim at the last moment). So having responded that they intend to "defend", the Abbey will have a further 14 days to delay and appear to do nothing, to be followed by another last minute flurry of activity resulting in a stressed out customer/claimant being intimidated into considering a small fraction of the full claim in order to avoid the big scary court room. I get to test my mettle, learn how to prepare a court bundle, find out what the inside of my local court building looks like (without having to commit a crime or do jury service), and become another disillusioned customer of a financial institution who will now go around telling the whole world about the ****** profiteering bully-boys that we entrust our hard-earned wedge to so blindly.... but I still get my money and I go and tell everyone I know to do the same. Game on! i like yr style!!! go for it!!! Traci
  2. congratulations!!!!!! Been a long time coming, but worth it in the end (hope u've sobered up now)??!!! I must admit it was the biggest high in my life when i got the money in my account, 2 wks later, worth the stress!! Well done:lol:
  3. Thanx Glen!!! Im getting there slowly.... bit like claiming my charges!!! traci
  4. Hi Glenn, soo sorry 4 delay in replying but im having a mare finding my subscribed threads (what hope have i got taking on Abbey when i cant even find my threads)!!!! lol I cant beleive it has taken u 8 mths so far, JEEZ!!!!! I was planning a hol in a month with all my charges refunded!! Comparing them to the Halifax, this is BAD as in BADD!!!! They only took about a month!!! Not looking 4ward to this but ive already started so i'll guess i'll have 2 finish!! Cheers Glenn!! Traci
  5. Hi, think im in same boat as Kelly!! returned letter of acceptance 17 calender days ago and was hoping id have received the money by now (LBA was up this saturday just gone), but after phoning them today i was told 14 WORKING days and id have to wait til it was my turn!!! Do i give them til friday (or might be monday) or start my court claim (which i dont wanna do particularly as im totally skint... not a penny)!!??? Traci
  6. ps...... Lula, what online link were u looking for??? They quote "which" and "moneysavingexpert" links for help or did u mean one for The Mirror to see prev articles?? Apologies 4 being thick here!!! Regards TRaci
  7. Hi Lula/spicester and thanx 4 yr replies!! I'll have to wait and c when the documents arrive and even tho they quoted me 10 wks for this, im gonna stick to my 40 days then send the letter of non-compliance (i presume)??? To answer yr question Lula, it was in The mirrior on mar 7th in the "Your Money" section and it showed that the statements Abbey were sending out only had "money in/money out" info on them, no list of transactions nothing!!! Just 2 lines of info and that was it. Abbey couldnt explain how this happened and would investigate (even tho i had one thru the other day exactly the same) and they charge a tenner for this! Im sooooo dreading the long fight ahead of me after the Halifax were "easy" to say the least! Traci
  8. Hello all!!! Just wanna know, when the Abbey says my details r all on microfiche and will be sent in a different form what exactly does this mean?? They sent me 1 "statement" with no details on whatsover and considering my acct was closed 3 yrs ago id presume all my details were on microfiche?? Also, is it pos for them to leave out certain charges as i read in The Mirror the other day they'd done it with some poor lady?? Thanking u in advance!!! Traci
  9. Hi All!! Having successfully claimed from the Halifax ive now moved to this thread as the Abbey is my next conquest! Im 2 wks into my SAR and time is draggggging on, but wanted to know are they as bad as what ive heard (considering i found the Halifax quite easy)?? Any tips/advice will be greatly appreciated!! Regards Traci:)
  10. Hi Lutecia, im prob not gonna b much help here either, but i know when u file a claim in a physical court ie: N1 form u do 2 copies, 1 for the court and 1 for the bank but dont know if its the same online?? Maybe u should post another thread asking yr question again and someone will c it?? ps... i thinking it wouldnt hurt to send one to the bank aswell but im only guessing! Regards Traci
  11. Hi chin, which letter is it u wanna send??? You've got a few to choose from ie: SAR (subject access request)- asking 4 list of charges/statements, 1st letter of claim-asking 4 specific amount, LBA- if they dont comply within 14 days.... the list goes on!!! click on here 4 all letter templetes: Bank Templates Library Hope this helps!!! Regards Traci
  12. Hi Sea-side lady, just wanna say congrats on getting this far (and hopefully u wont have to wait 2 long 4 your money)!! You give good advice on here and its really appreciated (only prob is im gonna have to move to the ABBEY thread next, 4 my next claim) and im gona miss u lot on here!! Regards Traci
  13. Hi Hedgehog, im waiting 4 my money 2 arrive, but my friend got his money yesterday, 15 days after posting his acceptance letter, hope this helps!! Traci
  14. Hi Hot rod, sorry to say (sort of) that i'll never c the 8% interest as they offerd me the full amount after i phoned them, but im Sooo Happy its settled, u cant beat that feeling! I must have got a sympathetic guy on the end of the phone!! Gotta c when the money goes in to so my LBA still stands. Gd luck Traci
  15. Hiya!! a lot of my charges were clumped together too (a lot of £70's) so just list them as they are, even i cant explain why they do this?? Regards TRaci
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