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  1. ************SETTLED****************** Oh my god got letter today and they have settled minus £75 cant belive it!!!! Thank you Sea Side Lady for helping with my daft questions!! Just proves it can be done again! Cheers Everyone! Matt
  2. Right the 14 days expire tommorow was going to ring Halifax today and let them know i am going to be filing a claim in court against them give them a chance to settle. Any advice welcomed!! Cheers Peeps! & SSL! Mattie
  3. Once again SSL you are a angel! Will keep u updated!! M x
  4. Right LBA was sent off on the 9th registard post still hadnt heard anything since so rang them today and spoke to some chap. Was told that they have 4 weeks to address the complaint and due to them having so many of the charge complaints they are snowed under. Told the chap i had given them 2 weeks from the 9th then would be starting the small claims court proccess. He asked for my phone number as they were operating a "pilot" scheme where people might a get a phone call to sort this out. So......we shall see. Any advice SSl x Matt
  5. Right after help from SSL bless your cottons! I have sent off the LBA today so will give them 14 days to reply then see what happens! You would of thought that with all the people claiming they would of come up with a better standard letter!! Will keep u updated!!
  6. is it worth ringing them to tell them or just send the letter?
  7. Afternoon ppl! Right woke up today and there was letter from Halifax saying. "The finician sevices authority gives us 8 weeks to investigate and respond to complaints our commitment to you is that we will respond to your concerns at the earliest opportunity. However we want to ensure that the issues you have raised are thoroughly investigated. If for any reason we are unable to respond fully to your concerns within the next 4 weeks we will write to you and update you on progress" Now do i send the second letter and give them another 14 days or something diffeerent? Matt
  8. So they have 2 weeks to give you a reply? is that in writing or a phone call?
  9. Right just sent 1st letter off with list of charges and spread sheet so will give it from 14 days tommorow and see what happens figers crossed!!!
  10. Cheers mate most of the charges where clumped so to speak will be interesting to see what they come back with!
  11. Thanks to help of sea side lady have worked my total charges out as £1393.80 have typed out the letter and will send it off on monday will let you know what happens! Cheers SSL! Mattie
  12. Just thought that £116 £188 where very high charged was under the impression that is was a standard £39 is that not the way it works? Do u think i need to go down and speak to them and ask them to explain the charges? Cheers for your help bit daunting
  13. Well was on duty (paramedic) and popped into my branch and on the off chance asked for last 6 years of statements no problem sir! Didnt get charged or anything. Anyway had phone call this morning to say the statements where in and went down there. Asked the lady to point out what code denotes a charge and she didnt know and had to ask for help turns out 94D is the charge code. have gone home and say down searching for the 94D code the problem i have had is there is diffrent amounts £ wise most are the £39 charge but some are £28 £60 even one for £118 now does this sound like i am reading it wrong and should i go down to my branch and ask them to go with it with me?? Any suggestments would be brilliant Cheers Peeps!
  14. Hi peeps! Just read article in the mail about bank charges and came accross this site have had huge problems with Halifax and intend to use this site to get my charges back!! Hope to talk to you all soon! Matt
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