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  1. I just found this It seems so wrong that they don't take the full payments upto date which would take it over the 3rd!
  2. DX, would it be worth applying for a time order? I have skimmed over it, but its been a while since I was involved in this kind of thing?
  3. Not yet, they due that a few weeks before they go away due to other medical issues
  4. Hi, Im after some advice on this as I don't have a clue. My son had booked a holiday with some friends, they go in May. He paid it all off straight away. Within the last few weeks, he has developed a problem with his health, which could be naughty. He had a CT scan last week and is due a biopsy next week then another operation in a couple of weeks, then if things don't work out as we hope, he could have a long road ahead. Anyway long story short, he needs to pull out of the holiday as he has no idea what's ahead. Its with Thomas Cook, and the girl there said he could lose at least 50% of his money unless he can get some one to buy it from him. Also his ex gf (part of the group) went in yesterday and changed all the details to make her head of the group with out my sons permission. Is she allowed to do that?
  5. They also seem to chase old bank accounts
  6. This thread would be better in the mail order forum. Yes you can alter your total as long as you haven't filed at court yet.
  7. I have won several claims against Littlewoods, One mine and a few on behalf of friends. I had to go all the way with them. And they paid up at the last minute with them all.
  8. After months of choosing I have finally found the pup I want. A Maltipom. (Maltese and pomeranian cross.) However I have spent hours going through sites on the internet looking for a reputable breeder, but not sure where to look. My head is spinning with al the searching. Does anyone know a good place to start. As the breed I want is not a pure breed its not in the kennel club.
  9. Apparently it isn't that common for them to sit watching people. You will have people coming and going at all times. Unless they are there constantly to see who is coming and going, it is circumstantial. Make sure you have ANY proof of him living else where during this time. And take any paperwork with you. Stay calm, and tell the truth. If you split up 10 months ago, then they can't really have much against you. It seems a lot of these interviews are more for people to give their side of the situation, rather than stacks of evidence against them. If you want to get advice from a solicitor, try and get one who specialises in welfare. They are allowed to get the information from the investigators before you go in to the interview, so you can see what evidence they have. There are some links in the stickies at the top of the page which will help you prepare.
  10. So is his bank still registered at your address? What other paper work is registered there. The investigators can get his credit file which will show everything. Of course they still have to prove he lives there. I was with some one the other day at an IUC and that was the only "evidence" they had. Do you have anything to prove his where abouts anywhere else? This was the same situation the lady I went with had. No idea of the outcome yet, but it wasn't half as bad as she expected. Does he work? If so where is his wage slips sent? Same thing if he is on any benefits. If it is only the bank registered, then that is easy enough to explain.
  11. You were well prepared. I think that is half the battle. Know what you are going to say, know what info you have to back up your side and hold back on giving them too much info. Hope fully you can get a decent night sleep tonight. Try not to worry too much about the next step until you hear back and you know what you are facing. By everything you have said, it's not a lot!
  12. So was this all they had against you? No photo's, dates or other "evidence" against you? Hardly seems enough to file a case against you.
  13. Good luck today Wizzer. You will be fine, especially now you have a solicitor. Is she a specialised one or a regular one? Lots of deep breaths, and let your sol do the talking. And at least you know what they have BEFORE you go in so you will be more confident of your answers.
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