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Found 2 results

  1. This is really interesting. I bought an iMac from the Apple store - at the time, I thought I would pay for it through the BPF option instore. The paperwork was formulated in the store and was referred. I was told to call back in an hour and they should have an answer for me. I carried on shopping elsewhere and returned to the store for checking up reasons! It was approved. Anyhow, I left the store with shiny apple product and paperwork in hand. Credit agreement duly signed and receipt attached. So, some months on I thought I would ring and pay it off. So...... I gave my agreement number to the phone operator and they have no record...... How is this possible? Now the naive amongst us would argue great! A free bit of kit. I'm all the more cynical regarding my credit file - however, on credit expert there is no record of any agreement ever being started. No search, nothing. I'm inclined to keep my mouth shut but things rarely pan out that effective do they..... Is this something that may have happened to anyone else? What would you do? I'm honest and would rather settle up than have this come back on me at a later stage........ in the digital age, things are rarely 'lost'.
  2. I cant really begin to start to tell you what debt has done to my life, its turned it up-side down, and left me at the dead bottom. My lifestyle has gone from a happy, active and everything to life for one, to a sad, staying in all the time and feeling i just cant cope. Some say, you brought it on your self! My issue is, i did, well in a way. I had a partner who had a poor credit rating, and i got her a loan. I also lent her my credit card (3k limit) just incase of emergency. Within 3 months she failed to pay anything back on her loan, and max'd out my credit card. Debt has been a barrier in our relationship for sure, and if it wasnt for the fact we have a daughter, we would have been long since over as i just cant cope. I see her paying other debts, and she just push's mine to the side and says she will tomorrow, etc. On-top of that, i lent her 2.5k from savings, and paid all bills from the house, plus a fair few rent payments. Did i mention that i am a student? All this got me deeper and deeper as i "had" a good credit rating, so had a loan to cover the shortfall in repayments, and again i was promised she would pay, and never did. My repayment on all debts are 300 more than i have income, add rent and living in, and i am over 1k per month down. On-top of that, student loans have had my application over 3 months and still not processed, and i bet when it is, i get little to nothing. On the health side, and mental i am just drained. I have high blood-pressure despite been early 20's, i have no energy ever, i am always feeling down, and just have no self esteem or anything like it. However, too look at my you'd not tell i was so down, only person who knows is my mom as i guess she knows me the best. I bottle it up, as for little to no help and never dump my issues on people. I put a smile on my face and make all is well, but deep down its far from it. I have read many accounts on here of the downs of debt, and i hope all pull through, get debt free and go on to live a happy and debt free life.
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