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  1. Hi In 2006 i had an accident, it was complicated as i was not at fault, but events that unfolded and lies that was told made it seem i was at fault. The story goes like this - 2006 Accident happens, change details, and thats about it, we agreed that no futher action be taken. I get a phone call later, and they said the car is a write off and they are injured, and that its all my fault. So i ring insurance company and register the accident. - 2006 (late) i get a phone call from a solicitor asking questions about the accident, i tell them that its nothing to do with them, my
  2. Hi I am looking for some advice and info on how to construct or where to get a SAR document that i can sent to a finance company who set up a HP agreement for me. I am not sure if the default SAR on this forum will do? If so, thats great. I am also unsure who to send it too. My origional agreement was with RFS Finance (renault), but around 1 year in, it chance to RCI Finance. Do i need to send one to each, or just one? I am also wondering if i can SAR a county court? They have sent numerous letters that have never reached me due to a confusion with address t
  3. Hi Not sure this is the right place for this, so put me right if not. I took out a car in 2006 (july) in HP from REA (Renault Group) via RCI Finance. I paid no problems for 13 months, but then was made redundant, decided to be a student again, and problems kicked in. In Oct 2008 i had the car taken from me on the door-step with no warning, no nothing, turned up on a sunday afternoon and demanded it, said they had been looking for me for months. In Sep 2008 i moved address, so longest they could have looked was a month. When they took the car, £4500 was the settlme
  4. Hi, yes the contract was well over before she slipped into arrears with them, and ultimatly ignored them. Orange said they couldnt cancel as she was in arrears, and she needs to pay arrears before they will take the 30days notice??? No service has been provided for 10 months now, as it was in arrears a month before end of term (august 08) and by the time debt people was involved it was alread 4 months arrears and service had been disconected. So, how to resolve? ignor it further as they have charged a years worth of fees for no service? or pay them? as of now, no default has bee
  5. Hi Following up, as i am a little confused. I have got some letters back saying they accept my token, some saying if i can do x, they accept, and others saying they would not consider at this time. Only two of the seven have froze interest and charges, thats Barclay Card x2 which was a shock. My account is going to slip further and futher into arrears, so how does one over come the fact arrears of over £300 will mount up each month? what happens in six months when its reviewed? can they just ask for all arrears? I am a little confused on this one, not sure whats going
  6. Hi I need some advice for my partner who has got in a little situation with orange. She rang up Oct 2008 to cancel her contract, but they wouldnt let her as she still owed money on the account. I didnt know, but she has been collection letters for them for the last 8 months, and the debt has gone from £200 to £347. I found a letter that stated they could reduce this debt with imediate payment, but this was a while ago, and since then DLC are now the recovery agents. Wondering what one should do to advise her, what sort of letter should be sent to resolve this. She
  7. Hi Thanks for that. Should i re-request the freeze of interest, or ask why they didnt respond to my request? In the same letter should i request charges be refunded and froze too? They have issued me with a default, no big deal right now as i dont want any credit, but when i graduate next year i may want some, will this have a massive or slight impact on my rating? thanks again, great and useful advice as always.
  8. Hi Letter only states the fees, the branch told me it was my fault and they removed my excess overdraft reserve thing. I have sent the SAR as advised, i think i have done everything that has been advised so far too. My next move is to send them a letter stating the facts of the wrong card was issued, and i used this card thinking it was to my main account. I had well over the sum i took out the cash-point in my main account, so this should show i had the funds and a simple mistake was made and thus £22 is a little OTT for a few days mistake. Thanks again, support from
  9. Been in the same situation, and now in one again. First time round i went to uni after been self emplyed, but still continued to be self employed and file tax returns, etc, but the facts came down to i was a student as well and i had to repay all benefits i wouldnt have been entitled to, inc housing. Current situation is i cant afford to pay my rent as i am a student still, got approved for LHA with one council, but then had to move to another council district. This new council wont give me LHA even though the other would have done. Now i am considering my options. - Go se
  10. Hi. I have got rid of this £150 silly overdraft product, even though they spent time trying to convince me that its a good service and i should keep it as it comes in handy. Not got the other charges removed, they said its my own fault for not checking the account number on the card when i received it.
  11. Hi I have sents loads and loads of letters, as of yet only one reply though. I have one from alliance and leicester. They accept my token offer of £1 for the next 9 months. I however asked them to refund some charges and freeze interest, but this fell on deaf ears as they have said nothing about that, and would seem them will still charge me interest whilst i pay this £1 per month. The letter goes on to say arrers will still mount up, and that i can still be charges £25 per letter in regards to arrears. My worry is my account will be in arrers, and they will keep
  12. Got 50% of cost of repair, could be worse, could be better. Thanks for all your help... seems the system can and does work...
  13. When in halls we had to pay 3mths advance. They know students cant budget, thus get there cash when student loan comes in and make sure they get enough to cover till the next one. I didnt stay in Private Halls as the Uni had plenty, but Private Halls seem to give more trust and only every seem to want one month in advance, thus leaving the last month rent free to save for the deposit for the next place. I got my deposit back within a week from the Uni, so guess that was luck. But in-keeping with the title. Student halls are now £95 per week here, now thats a rip off fo
  14. Hi It would cause issues, but this depends on what your CRB check returns back, and the class of offence that you have done in the past. Some offences that are not too bad are put in the same class as serious ones. My sister shouted a racist remark 4 years ago to a shop keeper as the shop keeper told her to get out as only 1 kid as a time... Police called, was done for racial agrevated assult in the end, and he was the one who forcefully removed my sister from the shop. BUT Now my sister has been refused entry to all the teaching courses and another course she has app
  15. ^^^Bump Very old post, but its just helped me, so maybe of some use to others who dont read all 17 thread pages...
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