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  1. I finally got Blackhorse to cave in and refund me £1479.60 for the PPI insurance. I am now at the stage of having the company the loan was sold onto having the CCJ removed and settling the loan with them....
  2. It would appear from my understanding that MFS portfolio have sold the debt maybe to Mortimer Clarke and they are trying to get a different way of getting the money from us......just a thought....
  3. The amount they are requesting is for £4835.81 and is by way of an attachment of earnings order though they have not officially served this order on my wife as she was not in at the time. We do not know whether the amount includes any charges. As you can appreciate we have found it very difficult to get any information at all from MFS portfolio or Mortimer Clarke.
  4. Hi further to my ongoing saga with BH...I disputed the amount at court and requested to have the CCJ removed from my name. Unfortunately on the day of the court hearing I was in hospital as a result of a heart attack. My wife contacted the court by phone but the judge who was presiding wanted a sick note for me not attending. Obviously i was still in hospital and couldn't get a sicknote to him that day. He threw my case out and said i would have to pay again and reapply for the judgement to be removed. In hte meantime Blackhorse have contacted me and agreed to remove the PPI in good faith without any admission of mis-selling and if I agree to this they with give me a £75 payment.....what a joke....I now have to pay the court again to take it back and fight for a refund...
  5. Hi in 2004 my wife bought a car on finance worth 8,000. The vehicle was stolen two years later and was burnt out. At the time we took additional gap insurance out on it. The insurance paid out to the finance company the book value of the vehicle which then apparently left a shortfall in the finance. Expecting the gap insurance to kick in we were horrified to find that it didn't cover all the finacial costs of the vehicle and left us still owing 4,000. We refused to pay and asked for information relating to the gap insurance to be forwarded to us. In the meantime the vehicle financers...online finance....when to Nottingham County Court and got an order placed on our home that if we sold the home we had to pay this outstanding amount. We contacted the court and asked why we hadn't be contacted to provide a defence to this. They claimed information was sent to us. In January of this year I contacted MS Portfolio who apparently are holding the debt to request copies of the orginal CCA that i have been trying to get hold of now for 4 years. They said they would forward this information to us. Two days ago a bailiff from Warrington County Court has turned up at our address to serve papers on us in relation to this debt.....as apparently it is now with Mortimer Clarke.....HELP!!!!!!!!!!....what do we do next?
  6. I have a Halifax Credit Card which as usual increases every month due to charges as i am struggling to make payments required on it. I have seen and heard the adverts for if you took the card out before 2007 the agrement may be unenforceable. What I would like to know is how is this possible and if it is how do i go about finding out.. Any help and advice would be appreciated....
  7. Like many others on here i am finding Black Horse very annoying. I requested they remove the PPI off a loan i took out with them in 2007. The PPI amounts to £2500 on a £4000 loan. They have point blank refused so i stopped the direct debit until they remove the PPI, however they have gone to the local magistrates court and have applied for a warrant of distress to remove goods from the property. I have contacted the court bailiff who was really helpful but his hands are tied. I don't want to pay them the £185 they want each month knowing how much i am being ripped off but don't know what to do. They won't accept reduced payments it's £185 or court proceedings so not sure what to do... Any ideas would be appreciated....
  8. I've had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with Rossendales who are collecting on behalf of Warrington Council for a £475 bill. This is now at £770 with bailiffs fees in spite of already paying £100 off the bill. When I spoke to the bailiff regarding the payment and an agreement to pay the arrears they stated because I couldn't give them proof in writing of the agreement then the full amount is outstanding. I asked them about the payment made and the arrogant B--ch said "well we ain't gonna say no are we."
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