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  1. Thanks for the reply Vint, i really could do with the extra money at the moment but i could do without them badgering me for payments even more:mad: I'll leave the direct debit setup for now, so now im thinking the only way to get a true copy of my executed agreement is to send them a subject access request and hope that gets them motivated enough to even respond. Am i right in saying that what ever they send me as a response to my SAR is the only documents they can use should we go to court ? Or is that something completely different? Thanks again for taking the time out to help i really appreciate it T
  2. Well still no reply to my account in dispute letter, its been 12 working days now since they signed for it. What should i do now ?? I was expecting a reply as it seems they normally reply to such a letter after looking through other threads. Are they just hoping i'll forget and just keep paying? Should i cancel my direct debit for the account too or leave it and see if they brake the rules and debit the next payment? I really dont know what to do now i hadn't expected or planned for a non response Any help on the matter would be great folks thanks.
  3. Hello, hope you're all well! The account in dispute letter was delivered and signed for on the 22/09/09 and up to now i'm still awaiting a reply from Halifax. Does anyone know their typical or most likely response to this letter? Also could you please tell me what my course of action should be if i dont receive a response by the end of next week? If and when i receive a reply from them i'll post it here, ill have a gander through the forum now and see if i can workout what their next move may be. Thanks again
  4. Thanks for that Vint ill have that sent off, don't worry about the original agreement i regard that as my secret weapon:D Thanks again and ill keep you updated
  5. Hi Middenmess I do belive i have ppi, i couldn't work out the BOS agreement either seemed total nonsense to be honest. I never signed for a new agreement anyway so im not sure where they have pulled that from. I do know however that my original agreement dated 2003 and the two i have recieved in responce to my cca request all differ greatly. For instance on my original agreement it states that i should pay charges of £20 for late payments etc.. But on the 'new' halifax agreement it states i should pay £25 for those same charges and in the BOS agreement it's the allowed £12 charge amount. I think they copied your method Vint and threw them together this morning round the breakfast table:D
  6. :lol: Halifax agreement Halifax agreement pictures by tac_82 - Photobucket Bank of scotland agreement Bank of scotland agreement pictures by tac_82 - Photobucket Thanks again
  7. Hi vint1954, thanks for dropping in There are actually two agreements enclosed with the letter, one has the address of where i lived when i first got the card the parties of this agreement being myself and halifax plc. The other being of my new address the parties of which are bank of scotland and myself. Ill scan both agreements and put them into their own album on photobucket and pop a link here in 10 minutes or so. Thanks again
  8. Hello all, just had my cca response from halifax. Basically they have sent me a 'reconstituted' version of the agreement. Heres the letter, let me know if you would like to see the 'reconstituted' version. I love how they put that 'this' version of the agreement complies with the requirements of the cca ! I also should note that theres not a signature or date on any of the drivel they have provided. So whats my next step ? Account in dispute ? Ask them again for a copy of the original signed agreement (if there is one) ? Thanks again
  9. Just a quick note to say halifax signed for the cca request today.
  10. You will never guess what i have just found ???? The original agreement along with a letter from halifax in 2003 Here is the album link on photobucket Pictures by tac_82 - Photobucket Let me know what you think Thanks
  11. Thanks for that, i did see the sticky but there are so many addresses in their i didn't want to get the wrong one and give them an excuse for me to send it again.Thanks again
  12. If anyone knows the address where i need to send my cca request please could you let me know. It is a halifax visa credit card, my missus is off to the postoffice in a little while and i don't want to miss the chance to post it. Thanks
  13. Would this be the voucher id printed on the reciept ? 1045919993 Thanks again and sorry for seeming a little dumb its just theres various numbers written on the postal order and i want to make sure i note the correct one.
  14. Please see the letter above posted by vint1954, 'I enclose a postal order no xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in the sum of £1.00,' Thanks
  15. Hello all again, im a bit delayed in sending off my cca request. Could anyone tell me which number on the postal order i have to put in the letter please. Thanks
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